Womb to the Tomb

In the early days of the Clinton presidency, Rush Limbaugh ran a song parody to the tune of “Whoot! There It Is!” called “Womb to the Tomb.”  It was a reaction to the proposed “Hillarycare” healthcare reform efforts.  The idea being that Democrats were hoping to create “womb to the tomb” government entitlement.  Well, Barack Obama evidently didn’t realize that the song was a parody, because his campaign has now created a little slideshow called “The Life of Julia.”  The slideshow presents the life of a fictionalized woman named Julia (perhaps the long lost lovechild of Barack and his fictional girlfriend Genevieve Cook) and contrasts how wonderful her life will be under the benevolent, loving care of life under Obama and contrasts it with the hollowed-out, wreck of a life that she will lead under Mitt Romney.

Here are some of the highlights:

Under President Obama: Julia is enrolled in a Head Start program to help get her ready for school. Because of steps President Obama has taken to improve programs like this one, Julia joins thousands of students across the country who will start kindergarten ready to learn and succeed.

Under Mitt Romney: The Romney/Ryan budget could cut programs like Head Start by 20%, meaning the program would offer 200,000 fewer slots per year.

At the risk of drawing Bob Beckel’s ire, Head Start isn’t quite the success liberals like to pretend it is, but this is just the beginning.  At every stage of her life, Julia is helped by some big government program.  According to team Obama, Julia would be a whimpering mess without the aid of big brother to help her.  Yes, this is the party that pretends conservatives are waging a war on women, yet they seem to be under the impression that women are fragile flowers completely incapable of caring for themselves without the beneficent aid of a bloated government guiding their every step.

As revealing as this little slide show is about how Obama and his minions view the role of government, I think this part, showing Julia at age 31, is most significant:

Julia decides to have a child. Throughout her pregnancy, she benefits from maternal checkups, prenatal care, and free screenings under health care reform.

Oh, where to begin.  Julia, under the loving protection of big brother, has had access to birth control throughout her working life.  As we all know, without Obama forcing his will on the insurance companies and employers, Julia would have had to pay upwards of almost TEN DOLLARS A MONTH in order to procure birth control.  Without the ability to scrounge for that extra 33 cents per day or, you know, abstain from sex, Julia would be working on child number twelve under life in the oppressive Republican regime.  In this reality the dice rolled and she “decides” to have a child at age 31.  Notice there is no mention of a husband.  Nope, she just decides to up and have her (presumably one and only) child one day.  Thank goodness for Obamacare, because then she will have access to pre-natal checkups.  I know we all remember the dark days before Obama was immaculated, when women had to fork over thousands of dollars to some shady doctor who simply laid his hands on the mother’s womb and divined the health and status of the unborn child fetus.  Thanks to Obama (may he live forever), women can now afford to go to real doctors who have fancy machines and stuff.

I’m actually a little surprised that they didn’t tell Julia’s whole story.  If team Obama really wanted to demonstrate how empowered women are under his regime, there would have been a bit about Julia’s doctors finding a birth defect on one her checkups.  And of course Julia could have taken care of the problem child, with said procedure fully paid for by the Obama administration.

But I digress.  The story plays out with Julia eventually collecting Social Security and Medicare.  Yes, yes, I’m sure even Obama’s team had to have a good chuckle at the thought of either program still existing by the time Julia is old enough to collect.  I guess Julia’s son Zachary, and the rest of all the single, designer children in the U.S., are going to be making a ton of money – because they’re going to have to pay an awful lot of money to support the Julias of this world.

Oddly the story ends before Julia’s death.  I’m sure that Obama will come up with some kind of federal “Casket Aid ” program to cover the costs of all deaths and burials in the U.S.  Or perhaps Julia will just be shot onto some new planet, where her body will be rejuvenated by the new life springing up.

Both Ed Morrissey and Kevin Williams offer differing visions of Julia’s life.  Morrissey’s is a bit more humorous, though both are very good.  I appreciated this nugget from Williams:

4 months: Julia’s mother decides that giving birth will be hard on her figure. She kills Julia. Under Barack Obama, her right to do so is absolutely nonnegotiable.

As for Ed:

  • 31 years old – Julia gets pregnant, which tells you all you need to know about free contraception.  Oddly, Julia hasn’t gotten married first, probably because the economy is so poor by this time with the huge entitlement debt crisis breaking that no one can conceive of putting a home together.  Fortunately, ObamaCare makes pregnancy possible, because until Obama took office, no one ever got pregnant, since government support and approval for it didn’t exist.
  • 37 years old – Julia’s son Zachary, named after his sperm donor, starts school.  Head Start has long since disappeared, apparently, but Race to the Top still exists.  Must be a marathon.

As funny as this entire thing is – and I can’t imagine who at Team Obama thought this was a good idea – it’s also quite sad. The vision outlined here is one that seeks to infantalize (if that’s a word) American adults.  There is absolutely no conception that any person – and certainly no woman – can actually do quite fine without government stepping in every step of the way.  We can laugh at this, but it’s a disturbing look at how Obama views the world.


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  1. We can laugh at this, but it’s a disturbing look at how Obama views the world.

    The dominant wing of the federal Democratic Party has been all about manufacturing patron-client relationships for about fifty years now, with the social work apparat coming in just after the educational apparat (and Democratic pols) as a designated patron class. No surprises. That’s what they do.

  2. This moronic Julia piece of agit-prop demonstrates what complete contempt the Obama campaign has for the voters and especially female voters. They assume that the average voter, even after four years of realty check, are just like this gal in 2008:

  3. I’m a graphic designer by day (and usually also by night…) and have to admit that this is a very well put together piece of marketing material, at least from a purely visual aesthetic point of view. (Notwithstanding that it is practically begging to be parodied…)

    I shared this with a group of designers I’m friends with, and there was consensus that it was stellar in regards to its design and technical achievements.

    Fortunately, there was also consensus that it was quite patronizing towards women who clearly need the kind and benevolent hand of the government to gently guide them through life.

  4. So will there be no men? Did Julia have IVF? Who paid for that? Also I thought that was what all liberated women wanted was no benevolence of any kind, no help so that they could really roar! Proabably the reason this film is so technilogically brilliant is that there is unending tax dollars that pay for the best.

  5. All lies, all the time.

    They’ve run out of other people’s money and they’re spending your kids’ lives away.

    Americans pay more in taxes than for food, clothing, and shelter combined. And, it ain’t enough! So, they print a bunch.

    The America consumer is tapped out. His income, if he has any, is falling, food/fuel costs are rising, and he cannot borrow. That game is up.

    No matter how hard the Fed prints (almost all goes to Wall Street, anyhow), there will be no in near-term recovery.

    Those hoping the economy would recover on stock speculation or Department of Labor Statistics lies or by borrowing/spending by the 95% will be tragically disappointed.

    Reality is overtaking hope and change.

    November likely is the last chance for a poitical solution.

    God help us.

  6. What happens at Julia’s death?
    Solent Green, of course!
    (it’s probably all the Food Police would allow us by then)

  7. I find that allowing people to labor under the illusion that the government is going to take care of thier everyday needs to be the epitome of a lack of compassion.

  8. Does anyone think that Obama would even attempt this if he thought the republicans would put forth an effective response? In my view, the republicans need to hammer the point that Obama and the left are using the poor as political and ideological objects. BUt it seems they are just content to concede the compassion and care for the poor argument to the left… to our detriment.

  9. deja vu all over again– no really. Deut 30 all over again.

    30:19 I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live,

    all of these are well done– I hope they get a LOT of play–

  10. Just out of curiosity, Paul, is it your contention that Genevieve Cook does not exist or that she had no particular association with B.O.?

  11. The composite girlfriends described by Obama have a great many similarities to Diana Oughton, a girlfriend of terrorist Bill Ayers, who died manufacturing bombs for the Weather Underground:

    “As I have argued from textual analysis, and as Andersen has confirmed from his own reporting, Obama had help with the book. As Andersen tells it, after four futile years of trying to finish the contracted book, a “hopelessly blocked” Obama delivered his family’s “oral histories, along with his partial manuscript and a trunkload of notes” to “friend and neighbor” Ayers for a major overhaul.

    Any number of incidents in Dreams recall Homer’s Odyssey. In his quest, Obama encounters blind seers, lotus-eaters, the “ghosts” of the underworld, whirlpools, a half-dozen sundry “demons,” and even a menacing one-eyed bald man. These encounters likely run the full range of stylistic possibilities from verifiable fact to artful shaping to pure invention.

    The mystery woman recalls the temptress Circe. Like Obama’s unnamed girlfriend, Circe lives in a “splendid house” on “spacious grounds.” She too wants her lover, Odysseus, to stay forever. Like Obama, Odysseus has shared his bed with this alien seductress for one year. But her world can never be his.

    “You god-driven man,” Odysseus’s mates warn him, “now the time has come to think about your native land once more, if you are fated to be saved and reach your high-roofed home and your own country” (Ian Johnston translation).

    If Obama’s friend nicely fills the Circe role, then she is almost surely grounded in the real-life person of Diana Oughton, Ayers’ lover who was killed in a 1970 Greenwich Village bomb factory blast. Ayers was obsessed with Oughton. In Fugitive Days, he fixes on her in ways that had to discomfit the woman that he eventually married, their fellow traveler in the Weather Underground, Bernardine Dohrn.

    Physically, the woman of Obama’s memory, with her “dark hair, and specks of green in her eyes,” evokes images of Oughton. As her FBI files attest, Oughton had brown hair and green eyes. The two women share similar family backgrounds as well. In fact, they seem to have grown up on the very same estate.

    According to a Time Magazine article written soon after her death, Oughton “brought Bill Ayers and other radicals” to the family homestead in Dwight, Illinois. There, “she would talk politics with her father, defending the revolutionary’s approach to social ills.”

    The main house on the Oughton estate, a twenty-room Victorian mansion, was built by Oughton’s father’s grandfather. Formally known as the John R. Oughton House, it was placed on the national historic register in 1980. Despite forty years of encroaching development since Oughton’s death, aerial photos show the Oughton estate (103 South Street) with a small lake in the middle and a thick ring of trees around it, very much like the estate in Dreams.”

    It has long been theorized that Ayers ghost wrote the autobiographies of Obama. I knew Jim Oughton, the father of Diana Oughton, for two decades before his death. Jim was a conservative Republican, philanthropist and former state legislator. The death of his daughter was a tragedy I think he never got over comletely. The Oughton mansion is a stone’s throw from my law office, and I mean that statement literally.

  12. I’m still wondering how Julia defends her life against Obamacare’s Death Panel at age 78, when her “worth to society” is deemed less than the $40,000 procedure she needs.

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