Hit the Road Obama

Sunday, April 29, AD 2012

The Road we Traveled is an Obama campaign video directed by Davis Guggenheim who directed Al Gore’s mendacious An Inconvenient Truth, and narrated by Tom Hanks, taking a break apparently from starring in Catholic bashing Dan Brown flicks.    The film gets the Science Fiction Mystery Theater 3000 commentary from Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle in the video above.  The Obama campaign should thank Whittle and Klavan:  at least someone will actually watch this piece of agit-prop drek now.

2 Responses to Hit the Road Obama

  • Would this be the road directly to hell?

  • Relying on the “inalienable” human rights based on the human rights of other people, moving forward with Obama will surely get us to maybe Auschwitz, definitely to Hell where God is not allowed. God is not allowed in Hell, in the United Nations and now in the USA, under Obama. Moving forward.