Child and Time

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To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.


What a sweet celebration of a young life!

Twelve years ago, filmmaker Frans Hofmeester embarked on the greatest work of his life: becoming a father. Every week, the Dutch video artist would hover over his newborn daughter Lotte’s crib and capture stills. Those weekly photo shoots continued, even as Lotte began sitting upright, her features growing more defined by the day.
Over a decade later, Hofmeester had taken 600-plus photos of Lotte, tracking the minutiae of her development in ways that albums and scrapbooks simply can’t capture. Stringing each photo together with the editing tool Final Cut Pro, Hofmeester created a remarkable time-lapse video of Lotte’s evolution from newborn to tween in under 3 minutes. In the video her emotions run the gamut, from curiosity to bleary-eyed frustration to wide-eyed enthusiasm. The only thing that remains unchanged is a baby blanket. The keepsake that Lotte lay on as a newborn remains in the background of every photo throughout her 12-year journey.





  1. My daughter, now 36, has the same baby wool rug that she lay on from the time she was 2 months old ; but she doesn’t still lie on it though – her two daughters have also lain on it when they were babies.
    Unfortunately, I never thought to take multiple photos. :-)

  2. What an adorable little girl!

    I can remember using baby blankets when I was curled on the couch as a teen… nothing better when everyone is laying about reading in an evening. (The levi jacket I had when I was two, on the other hand, has been passed down to my daughters!)