Christus Victor

Sunday, April 8, AD 2012

O Christ, You Saviour of the world, merciful Creator and Redeemer, the only offspring from the Godhead of the Father, flowing in an indescribable manner from the heart of Your Parent, You self-existing Word, and powerful from the mouth of Your Father, equal to Him, of one mind with Him, His fellow, coeval with the Father, from whom at first the world derived its origin!

You suspend the firmament, You heap together the soil, You pour forth the seas, by whose government all things which are fixed in their places flourish. Who seeing that the human race was plunged in the depth of misery, that You might rescue man, Yourself also became man: nor were You willing only to be born with a body, but You became flesh, which endured to be born and to die. You undergo funeral obsequies, Yourself the author of life and framer of the world, You enter the path of death, in giving the aid of salvation.

The gloomy chains of the infernal law yielded, and chaos feared to be pressed by the presence of the light. Darkness perishes, put to flight by the brightness of Christ; the thick pall of eternal night falls. But restore the promised pledge, I pray You, O power benign! The third day has returned; arise, my buried One; it is not becoming that Your limbs should lie in the lowly sepulchre, nor that worthless stones should press that which is the ransom of the world. It is unworthy that a stone should shut in with a confining rock, and cover Him in whose fist all things are enclosed. Take away the linen clothes, I pray; leave the napkins in the tomb: You are sufficient for us, and without You there is nothing. Release the chained shades of the infernal prison, and recall to the upper regions whatever sinks to the lowest depths. Give back Your face, that the world may see the light; give back the day which flees from us at Your death. But returning, O holy conqueror! You altogether filled the heaven! 

Venantius Honorius Clementianus Fortunatus



5 Responses to Christus Victor

  • Happy Easter, Donald, and to all out there reading The American Catholic.

  • Happy Easter Paul, and to all the contributors, commentators and readers of TAC!

  • Happy Easter All!

    Desire a strong faith.

    Think of Our Lord’s glorious triumph, when on the third days after His death, He arose from the tomb and for 40 days appeared to His Blessed Mother and his disciples.

  • In our Easter sermon, we heard how there’s no story about moving the stone away from His tomb, but that it was moved so the Marys could see that He wasn’t there any longer only to hear from the Angel waiting for them. Father suggested we could look at the stone symbolically as our sin which closes us away from Jesus when we let it remain – it can keep us from a new life in Christ. Then, for the forty days He remained with the Apostles and Blessed Mary from the breakfast He had with them to passing through locked doors, He could show them (and us) about the promise with faith of glorified bodies for eternity.
    Happy Easter for all.