It’s Over Newt

Tuesday, March 27, AD 2012

5 Responses to It’s Over Newt

  • It’s all but a foregone conclusion that “Obama Lite” will be the GOP nominee. At least a third less socialism than the current socialist is a slight improvement, I suppose.

  • True cmatt, and a large reason for that is Gingrich and his tendency to destroy himself with his mouth when things are going well for him, and his Moon colony sized ego which prevents him from realizing that his campaign has become a pathetic joke.

  • Not nearly as bad as the Obama Re-elect Committee selling hoodies to raise campaign cash.

  • I think he is simply doing what he thinks is right. He did not need to do this, but we need him to stay in the race. Santorum and Gingrich can block Romney. Romney is designed to lose to BHO like Bush 41, Dole and McCain before him. Santorum is expected to gaffe-away like Biden or Dean, that’s why Wasserman-Shultz is getting turnout for him. Paul, is well, Paul. Newt is the statesman, he is the right one at this time, period. Why cut and run?

    Why not send him a couple of bucks and a prayer. Imagine if the Holy League just gave up at Lepanto, or Gen. Washington thought it too cold to cross the Delaware!?! Come on, show some stones.

  • Sooo, when Rick states that he believes in being a team player–how is that different from Pelosi and Newt sitting on a couch ? Think about it, to what end does it serve to keep trashing Newt and silencing his record and voice? What is the hidden agenda and to what end? Case in point- was there any news coverage regarding the Rallies for Religious Liberty or this years Pro Life March?

    Donald M.– How is it that so many persons, even Catholic persons, are now clairvoyant, able to read the heart of of others? Is that something the Catholic Church teaches us ? (Response to moon size ego-witty, but tiresome)