About As Non-Presidential As You Can Get

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There is really no other way to describe it.

Except for maybe vulgar, indecent, crass, low-minded, uncultured, beneath contempt…

This is on Barack Obama’s Twitter feed:

Health reform—still a BFD, and now it’s on a t-shirt:OFA.BO/z7FP8M

Barack Obama (@BarackObama) March 24, 2012

And here’s the t-shirt –

Remember when Obamacare was signed into law, and VP Biden made a remark to Teh One, that he thought was off-mike but wasn’t?  He said “This is a big f****** deal!”

And now it’s on a $30 t-shirt.

Slimy, and unfit for the office of the President of the United States.  These people have absolutely no respect for any bit of this nation, so I can’t say that I am not shocked.  After all, vulgarity is the exclusive hotness for the Liberal elite.  When you have no moral core, profanity is poetry and cursing is civility.

Which doesn’t mean it can’t, or shouldn’t, be mocked.  BFD could just as easily stand for “Big Financial Disaster”…

November cannot come soon enough.

ht to Hot Air

8 Responses to About As Non-Presidential As You Can Get

  • “November cannot come soon enough.”

    Amen! This administration cheapens and debases everything it touches.

  • BFD? Barack for Democrats? Biden for damnation? Oh, I know: Barack for Damnation? Maybe I ought not know.

  • I just got it. In Donald McClarey’s words: NO COMMENT

  • I apologize.

    Three persons – a conservative, a liberal and a libertarian – were hiking through a ME desert wilderness.

    They came across an ancient bronze oil lamp. The liberal rubbed it.


    A prurple genie appeared.

    He said, “There are three of you. You each have a wish.”

    The liberal wished that all liberals were instantly transported to the old USSR so they could show the locals how to do it right.

    POOF! All liberals went to Russia.

    The libertarian asked that all libertarians be removed to Australia where they could set up . . . individualism, and free weed, and no Fed, and no foreign . . .

    POOF! All the paulbots were removed from America.

    The genie asked the conservative to state his wish. He scratched his chin and said,

    “I’ll have a Coke.”

  • Make that two……cokes not shirts

  • Switch the B from “Big” to “Bad” and voila.

  • Off mic comments are embarrasing and too many idiots have made them.
    But if you want to talk about disrespect, you have to add the live burt of “you lie” while the president was speaking to the US.
    Say what you want about either side, but that lacked “any respect for this nation” or the presidency…it doesn’t matter who’s occupying the post.

  • francodrummer- the b– f– d— comment by Joe Biden, and the “you lie” comment during the pres. speech may have both been deeply felt, emotional and ill advised– but they are not to be compared with the cool unemotional marketing of bad language bad attitude tee shirts that hurt all of us.

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