The Value of Well-Paid Advisers

I don’t often call-back prior posts, but now I am going to do it twice in one day.  Yesterday I discussed a Jennifer Rubin article that criticized Santorum for, among other things, failing to surround himself with a troupe of advisers to help him stay on track as a candidate.

Meet Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom.  Earlier today he had this exchange on CNN:

HOST: Is there a concern that Santorum and Gingrich might force the governor to tack so far to the right it would hurt him with moderate voters in the general election?

ERIC FEHRNSTROM: Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It’s almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart all over again.

People have been having a lot of fun with this comment on twitter, and it took about ten minutes for this to make its way into a political ad:

Maybe we should say former Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstron.

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  1. Ahem. Toldja so.

    Conservatives and GOP voters, you’re being PLAYED! Why? Because the establishment knows they can always scare you with a parade of horribles that awaits if the other guy is elected, and you’ll fall right in line and vote for whatever RINO stiff they put up.

  2. Oh, the parade of horribles is real enough Jay, as the Obama first term indicates. I shudder to contemplate what an Obama second term would be like. Having said that, I assume ERIC FEHRNSTROM perfectly reflects the thinking of the Romney campaign for the general election, which is a perfectly disastrous way of making certain the conservative base stays alienated. As I have stated, I think Romney is a rotten politician. If he is the nominee I do not expect him to win against Obama. However, I do expect Obama to lose to whoever the Republicans choose.

  3. This is how a campaign implodes. This creates an opening for Newt and possibly Santorum, although Rick tends to be the Republican Joe Biden by walking around with his foot in his mouth. I do believe that he thinks the GOP should be proud of morphing into a Big Government, borrow and spend party for ‘right wing’ purposes and his support of the Global Fund as well as some wishy-washy pro-life votes are certainly problematic. Advantage Newt. Louisiana will be the end of Romney and if the Republicans pick Myth RINO-Money as the nominee – the GOP will lose.

    To spare your conscience if the Republicans are as dumb as I think they are – there is the Constitution Party.

  4. “To spare your conscience if the Republicans are as dumb as I think they are – there is the Constitution Party.”

    That’s how I plan to vote, American Knight, especially if Virgil Goode wins the Constitution Party nomination.

  5. Jay,

    While I am very hopeful that my fellow Virginian Goode will secure the CP nomination, I still hold out hope that I will have an opportunity to vote for Newt – an opportunity of which I was robbed on Super Tuesday because our governor hopes to be Myth RINO-Money’s VP.

    I could pull the lever for Santorum, but the Republican Joe Biden is likely to get thumped by BHO. Although as VP, it would be fun to watch Santorum debate Biden. They can just put one another’s feet in each other’s mouth. Perhaps not too good to have Catholics represented that way. but entertaining nonetheless.

    NEWT 2012!

  6. It is absolutely imperative that BHO be defeated in the next election. It would be a good thing if we of third parties (I am a Libertarian/libertarian) but a vote for a third party candidate is likely a vote for BHO and we can not tolerate that. This man and his party MUST be soundly defeated. WE may have to hold our nose at the polls, but we have done that before. We as citizens and voters can then have the person more likely to represent our conservative views in place and deal with that person as necessary. They would likely be more receptive to our views than the current occupant.

  7. Dan,

    While I respect your opinion: been there, done that; I don’t think so this time around. We reluctantly voted for McCain last time, most of us because he chose Sarah Palin as a running mate – the devil won that election. Cunning serpent has put himself on both conventional options this time, assuming Republicans are dumb enough to force Myth RINO-Money on us.

    When you have a pro-infanticide candidate, a pro-abortion candidate (who claims he’s pro-life, but is NOT) and a pro-life candidate – you vote for the pro-lifer – assuming the R candidate is Romney (I still hold out hope that it is not), then that candidate is likely to be Virgil Goode. If voting for him means a victory for BHO (which I don’t think it will be, because Romney suppresses votes, so BHO will win with considerably less votes than 2008 if running against the Mormon); then that is God’s choice and in some ways (I do not profess to know how God thinks) it will be a fitting punishment for an idolatrous and lazy nation. Additionally, Romney may lull us into complacency and decline, where BHO will enhance polarization.

    Polarization is good, because we are way too corrupt and a purging is necessary. This can be non-violent (if you exclude the holocaust against the pre-born); but, if it is not, then we would not be the first, nor the last nation to suffer from violence when godlessness reigns.

    Pragmatism is a dangerous political mindset. Realism and trust in God is far more practical.

    NEWT 2012!

  8. Ditto what American Knight said (except the Newt part 😉 ).

    Virgil Goode represented me for many years when I lived in the Commonwealth, and is personal friend. He was very helpful to me in my efforts to revitalize our town when I was mayor of Columbia, VA.

    There is no way in hell that I would vote for a fraud like Mitt Romney over a principled pro-life, limited government conservative (who is also a personal friend) such as Virgil Goode.

  9. Next month in Nashville. I believe it’s April 19-22.

    Unfortunately, I can’t make it because of:

    (1) a prior commitment with my 1st Communion class (Pro Ecclesia), and
    (2) a prior commitment with my kids to be up your way to watch a rematch of last year’s ALCS (Pro Familia),

    which means that my civic duty (Pro Civitate) is going to have to wait.


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