Under Southern Skies

Rick Santorum’s campaign has been truly remarkable.  From being a defeated two term Senator from Pennsylvania, on a Quixotic no cash campaign for President which no observer, including the writer of this post, thought he had any chance of doing anything with other than being an asterisk, he has become the leader of Republican conservatives opposed to the nomination of Romney, aka the Weathervane.  Last night’s dual victories in Alabama and Mississippi underlined this.

Newt Gingrich vows that he is still staying in, but we shall see if long term he wishes to continue helping Romney get the nomination, since that will be the result if he continues his vanity campaign.  Whether Santorum does ultimately become the nominee or not, he has run a campaign for the record books in showing how drive and determination can be offsetting advantages against a candidate who has endless funds but lacks both of those attributes, and is also deeply unpopular with the base of of his party.