Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

Shocking news as one of the most tenacious fighters of the conservative movement has died this morning.  This from his Big Journalism site.

Andrew passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles.

We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.

Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love.

Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

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  1. I regret that I just discovered him more recently but I have to say, he made me stand up and take notice. Sadly, he was only 43 years old. His voice will be missed. RIP

  2. I heard the news from my friend this morning. I was shocked, shocked more than usual because I just watched him at CPAC. He was fired up and seemed ok.

    This is a huge loss for conservatives, conservative media, and the nation. 🙁 His media company has brought some good exclusive stories forward, exposing ACORN and such.

    Prayers for him, his wife Susannah, and their 4 children.

  3. In Pacem requiem

    He spoke truth to tyranny.

    He met sudden death.


    After you mourn, organize.

  4. Even in death Andrew Breitbart’s message of liberty lives in the vile hatred that is being spewed on the internet by some militant secularists who hated him. Breitbart loved to post the hateful messages that were sent his way or directed at him. It was his way of putting the mirror up to their ideas and words. Many a writer or talk show host who knew him mentioned his indefatigable nature and how the angered directed toward him gave him energy not to repeat their words or ideas, but rather to show why liberty is sacred. He was raised in a liberal, secular environment, but as he became a young adult he began to appreciate conservative and religious ideals. Though filled with passionate zeal, he had a kind heart and would often research a person’s interests so as to give them a proper gift and or token of his appreciattion. Naturally he deserves our prayers, but so to his wife and four children.

  5. Some of the comments on twitter are just stomach churning in their awfulness, though certainly revealing. As Dave says, there was a reason he always re-tweeted the nasty stuff written about him.

    And it’s not just far-left crazies. David Frum really had no credibility left to shred, but he’s attempting to dig deep into the sub-credibility regions.

  6. I think Ace at Ace of Spades sums up Frum well in comparison to Breitbart:

    “On the other hand there’s David Frum.

    He writes blog-posts for a liberal rag which doesn’t even get published on paper. His most notable “conservative” colleague at this very non-prestigious posting is Meghan McCain, who’s primary mission in life to prove that Rick Santorum spoke too charitably when demeaning the value of college.

    Breitbart was a busy man. If his heart did not kill him, one day an airplane mishap would. He was constantly on planes, rallying the troops in this city or that. Agitating. Moving. Changing. Persuading. Defending. Attacking. Rebutting. Remaking.

    On the other hand, as I say, there’s David Frum.

    As I type this, Breitbart is more alive than David Frum has ever been.

    I doubt very much that will change as the years march on.

    It is the nature of the rat to envy the lion.

    We should not fault the rat overly for this. For what else can the rat do?

    But we should say that there are lions, and there are rats. And they are easily distinguishable.

    And they are as different from each other as the sun is from the mirror that reflects it.

    Scavengers have their place. They serve a function.

    But scavengers know their place.

    And scavengers only challenge the lion when it lies, safely, dead.”

  7. Sad news, may he rest in peace and may God grant comfort to his family.

    How do they know that the causes are ‘natural’ so soon. A tox screen takes much longer.

    Notice he expressed that he had tapes of college-aged Obama revolutionary to which he alluded at C-PAC.

    Suspicious to say the least.

  8. RIP.

    David Frum misses the point. Pat Buchanan viewed the culture war from a plane and Andrew from the trenches, but it’s the same war.

    Not that Pat is ever afraid to get into the mud. That’s the amusing thing about the public remembrance of bomb-throwers. Breitbart and Limbaugh are condemned for not having the dignity of Buckley and Goldwater, but remember what the critics of the older conservatives used to say about them. In another five years, the critics of whomever will be saying that even Breitbart had the quiet dignity to never go after Target X or Y. I suppose that kind of revisionism serves a purpose, but it also allows the critic to depict the current oppoment as ever worse than his elders.

    If Breitbart were alive -and how sad it is to write that – he’d be firing back at Frum on Twitter. “Me, poisonous? The poison was in the mainstream media which reacts to any criticism with venom. Quit collaborating with the snakes, David!”

  9. I hate conspiracy theories. Hate ’em.

    They’re nearly always ridiculous bunkum from end to end.

    Having said that…

    I hope they do a careful autopsy.

    Jus’ sayin’.

    Breitbart, after all, was the king of the uncomfortable exposé. And, Leftists, after all, are leftists.

    So, I just hope they do a careful autopsy.

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