Tito Edwards

Living a Catholic Life


  1. Adult male takes day off work. Hmm, doesn’t have the same vibe as taking day off of school behind parents’ back while dodging the principal. I guess he could call in sick and go around town dodging the boss.

  2. I recently read an article about 6 theories that make great movies even better. In the article, the theory was that everthing was in Cameron’s head – a fantasy, a daydream, “transform[ing] Ferris Bueller into a Brat Pack version of Fight Club. I think that this theory has some merit.

    By the way, the article was on Cracked.com. Cracked magazine was great when I was a kid; I think I even liked it better than Mad. I’ve never cruised around the website, because it’s definitely NSFW, but when some site I trust links to it, I check out some of the articles. I’ve been surprised at the level of sophistication of those articles I’ve read.

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