A Baby by any Other Name

Friday, January 27, AD 2012

Hattip to Pat Archbold at Creative Minority Report for the video gently lampooning the twisted language employed by pro-aborts to attempt to deny the humanity of the unborn.

George Orwell, who literally wrote the book on how totalitarian regimes use language to serve evil ends, would have loved the video.  Although an agnostic and an opponent of the Catholic Church, Orwell was also not only an enemy of the dishonest use of euphemisms, but also an ardent foe of abortion.  This section of his novel Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1936) indicates how deeply he hated abortion:

“But I suppose you want me to marry you, don’t you?”

“Not unless you want to. I’m not going to tie you down. I know it’s against your ideas to marry. You must decide for yourself.”

“But we’ve no alternative — if you’re really going to have this baby.”

“Not necessarily. That’s what you’ve got to decide. Because after all there is another way.

“What way?”

“Oh, you know. A girl at the studio gave me an address. A friend of hers had it done for only five pounds.”

That pulled him up. For the first time he grasped, with the only kind of knowledge that matters, what they were really talking about. The words “a baby” took on a new significance. They did not mean any longer a mere abstract disaster, they meant a bud of flesh, a bit of himself, down there in her belly, alive and growing. His eyes met hers. They had a strange moment of sympathy such as they had never had before. For a moment he did feel that in some mysterious way they were one flesh. Though they were feet apart, he felt as though they were joined together – as though some invisible living cord stretched from her entrails to his. He knew then that it was a dreadful thing they were contemplating – a blasphemy, if that word had any meaning. Yet if it had been put otherwise he might not have recoiled from it. It was the squalid detail of the five pounds that brought it home.

“No fear!” he said. “Whatever happens we’re not going to do that. It’s disgusting.”

“I know it is. But I can’t have the baby without being married.”

“No! If that’s the alternative I’ll marry you. I’d sooner cut my right hand off than do a thing like that.

The strong emotional reaction of Orwell’s character, Gordon Comstock, is precisely the way in which any decent human being should view abortion. 


4 Responses to A Baby by any Other Name

  • “The strong emotional reaction of Orwell’s character, Gordon Comstock, is precisely the way in which any decent human being should view abortion.”

    Abortionists are not decent human beings.

  • Ah, but through conversion and repentance they can become decent human beings Paul. The late Bernard Nathanson was an example of that and I could name others. We will win this fight through many means, and the conversion of some of our opponents is not the least of them.

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  • Donald, this sentence, to me is the core of our Catholic Teaching against abortion…” “Whatever happens we’re not going to do that. It’s disgusting.”…Though I agree with you and believe that there is no hardened soul that the Holy Spirit cannot melt, we need tons of prayers before the Merchants of Death hear the cry of the unborn whom they dismember in their safest first home – their mothers’wombs and be converted into respecters of God’s Gift of Life for all…..Yet, I fear we are still far way off before the tide turns. There is a lot of money being made in this Infanticide Industry and the secular media is another collaborator in this Murder Most Foul Crime. And until you change the current Government and swipe the slate clean of Obama, Biden, that Clinton Woman and the Planned Parenthood, I see very hard and cruel times ahead. I call this bunch and the pseudo Catholics in your Government High Priests of Satan