New Catholic Blog: Over the Rhine and into the Tiber

Sunday, November 27, AD 2011


An e-mail birdie has informed me of a new Catholic blog which looks quite interesting:  Over the Rhine and into the Tiber.  Go here to take a gander at it.  Judging from its initial posts, I believe that I will be putting it on my personal list of Catholic blogs that I read daily.  Here is a description of the blog from the e-mail which I received:


“Over-the-Rhine” is an historic neighborhood in downtown Cincinnati  that was home to the city’s many German Catholic immigrants in the 19th  century.  It is also home to Old St. Mary Church, a center of Catholic  orthodoxy and traditional liturgical practice in the Archdiocese of  Cincinnati; the church’s steeple appears in the foreground of the  photograph on the site’s masthead.  The Tiber River is the main  watercourse in Rome, which was settled on its East bank.  Converts are  said to “swim the Tiber” to cross into Catholic territory.

In his 2005 Christmas address to the Roman curia, Pope Benedict XVI proposed a “hermeneutic of  continuity” to interpret the documents of Vatican II as an alternative  to the all-too-common “hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture.”  The  former hermeneutic, or way of interpreting information, sees the council and its documents in continuity with 2,000 years of Catholic history,  while the latter sees them as revolutionary breaks with the past.  This  site and its authors will examine various aspects of Catholic life  within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the surrounding region through  the lens of continuity.