Try, Try and Try Again Open Thread

Sunday, November 13, AD 2011

We haven’t had an open thread in a while so here one is.  Keep the comments charitable please, and, in the words of a judge at a hearing I attended recently, “Everyone is going to be nice!”.


6 Responses to Try, Try and Try Again Open Thread

  • Is it common practice to pierce a baby’s ears?

  • I have seen it done once, in 1975.

  • I see a lot of infant girls with pierced ears among my Hispanic brothers and sisters.

    “Bottom line” answers please:

    “Who made you?”

    “Why did He make you?”

    “How will you get into Heaven?”

    I am looking (every time want something I cannot locate it) for my Baltimore Catechism. GRRR. My wife understands: the beatings will continue until my morale improves.

    I’m cheating. Father McCartney gave us the answer to number three at the 7:30 Mass.

  • Open thread? – Well I need some counselling as a Jet fan watching this game… they may still win by why does the Sanchize always give me grief…

  • So this is the old, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”.

    When I was doing roofing work in the hot Australian sun a few decades ago, I had my own version.
    “If at first you don’t succeed, give up in disgust, go to the pub, and give it another crack tomorrow!” 🙂
    Nothing like a couple of beers to solve the problem you are encountering. 😉 Always worked. I guess that wouldn’t work for the little dog though.

    Wouldn’t like to see the condition of the bedding after that little dog’s claws have been trying to get a grip on it!.

  • “Cute-n-Fuzzy” my eye. That creature has “GET IN MY BELLY!!!” written all over it. What was that line in the old tootsie roll pop commercial?

    ‘Sibling’ rivalry… red in gum and claw.