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  1. Okay I admit that I never saw The Colbert Report before but that was side splittingly funny. But seriously famale bodied? What insanity….

  2. It was funny. What’s even more funny to me is that in an effort to put their best face forward a group of people got together and through silly little hand signs selected this couple to represent them. Based on what I’ve seen I think they made the right choice, but it still doesn’t say much for them whether they be male bodied males, female bodied females, female bodied males, male bodied females, etc.

  3. PBW Einstein: Contact NYC City Hall.

    The source isn’t the regime’s propaganda machine (NYT, Commie News Net, etc.) or Obama’s Ministry of Troof. That’s why God created FOXNEWS.

    Additionally, the above support the violence. The think it distracts we the people from the economic misery your brilliant Obama regime is causing.

    There have been several more sexual assaults (including a hearing-impaired man) and assaults and batteries which the anarchists refuse to report allowing the criminals to persist in plying useful (to Obama) avocations.

    NB: Obama and his hate-filled co-conspirators have not condemned the violence.

    Obama-worshiping imbeciles unite you have nothing to lose!

  4. You should add the “autonomous collective” bit from Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail. When I hear OWS ppl speak, I immediately think of it.

  5. Actually, the Tea Party paid for permits for their demonstrations – which entailed paying for a prescribed amount of porta-potties too. I remember how hard they worked to raise the money from a gress roots movement.

    And let’s not forget the open drug sales, unbridled sex, and scabies.

  6. Their great contribution to the Commonweal: Zuccotti Lung.

    They’re threatening to close down Wall Street this morning.

    This PM rush hour, they’re promising to clog the Brooklyn Bridge (it’s for sale, ya’ know).

    Way to win friends and influence people.

    There are a couple hundred of them. There are 3,000,000 men and women coming and going to work today in NYC.

    I hope they don’t get too close to my stocks.

    Yesterday, one of them said we were going to see what molotov cocktails do for Macy’s. I work a block away from there. I’m scared.

    “Annoy a liberal: Work, Succeed, Be Happy.” – bumper sticker

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