Teach One Day And Get A Pension

Sunday, October 23, AD 2011


Even for Illinois this is putrid.  Two Illinois teacher Union lobbyists are able to collect teacher pensions because they each served as a substitute teacher for one day.   This of course is taking place in a de facto bankrupt state.

Over the course of their lifetimes, both men stand to receive more than a million dollars each from a state pension fund that has less than half of the assets it needs to cover promises made to tens of thousands of public school teachers. With billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities, the Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System, which serves public school teachers outside of Chicago, is one of several pension plans that are in debt as state government reels in a fiscal crisis.

Go here to read the rest of this all too believable story in Illinois, perhaps the most corrupt state in the Union.  When public employee pensions come crashing down, probably sooner than later, thieves like the two lobbyists, who took advantage of a law clearly passed with them in mind by their corrupt friends in the legislature, will certainly have done their share in sickening the public in regard to the whole concept of  public employee pensions.

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