Top Ten Topics That Will Rock Your Catholic Blog

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Do you run a Catholic blog, or is it more like a Catholic blahhhhg? Do you wish you had more readers? Is your Sitemeter daily count smaller than Kate Middleton’s waist size, and you wish it would expand (the daily count, not KM’s waist)? Does your combox have more robo-generated spam comments selling shoes and junk than comments left by actual people?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then what you need are The Top Ten Topics That Will Rock Your Catholic Blog, as compiled by the AoftheA Editorial Board. The EB scoured Catholic blogs for several hours days weeks months and months to generate a list of hot-button issues that delivered consistent results across the world.

If you want to increase traffic to your blog, and you want the combox conversations spiced up a bit, touch on any of the subjects listed below. You can either be pro or con – doesn’t matter. You don’t even have to write well or display logic – just have an opinion and a thesaurus and a glib turn of phrase or two, and bang! Your daily hits will spike. Your combox will quickly resemble a back alley at midnight deep in gang-contested turf. Yeah, it will get rather testy, but that’s what commenting at Catholic blogs is all about: loving our neighbors – even the Anonymous ones – with ham-fisted charity and bare-knuckled mercy.

The topics are in no particular order, and the Editorial Board at AoftheA has provided a possible point of view or approach* you can take – guaranteed to generate multiple flash mobs dancing around the issues in the combox instantaneously! Good luck!

10. Why the Latin Mass/Novus Ordo is better than the Novus Ordo/Latin Mass.
9. Attire for Mass – shouldn’t folks just be glad no one’s showing up naked?
8. Medjugorje – Real, or is God just joshing?
7. “If I were bishop…my diocese would be whipped into shape in no time!”
6. So-called gay marriage – doesn’t it prove that gays, deep down, really want to be straight?
5. Natural family planning – contraception with a conscience, or a scientific alternative to “Not tonight dear – I’ve got a headache”?
4. The Democratic Party/Republican Party represents the full embodiment of Catholic Social Teaching.
3. If the Church had 4 or 5 more folks like Michael Voris, Satan would throw in the towel and admit defeat.
2. Communion in the hand or communion on the tongue – which way proves you’re the better person?
1. Gregorian Chant sounds stupid – give me “I Am The Bread Of Life” any day!

*DISCLAIMER: Publication of the Top Ten Topics That Will Rock Your Catholic Blog does not imply, infer, or indicate an endorsement by the AoftheA Editorial Board of any of the listed topics’ subject material, in any degree whatsoever. What, you think I want a bunch of crazy people arguing in my combox?

If you think this post is about you…then it probably is.

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