Cross & Eagle Award for Most Prolific Blogger

Monday, August 22, AD 2011

The Cross & Eagle Awards (C&EA) will be honoring a true legend in Catholic Blogosphere history.

To qualify even for consideration you need not only be talented in writing and knowledgeable about our Catholic faith, you need to write often.  That is the kicker.

Many a Catholic blogger has stopped blogging due to an increase in the family unit, new job, blogging fatigue, carpal tunnel affliction, and even death.  And that’s just a short list.

This particular blogger didn’t allow a growing family nor inclement weather stop him.  Not even a beard that has gotten out of control has slowed down this convert.

Being a warrior for Christ, he is horizontally integrated in various forms of media battling heresy and anti-Catholicism in it’s many forms as well as educating the faithful and non-Catholic in our rich and long Catholic Tradition.

Even when his template was no longer supported or his antiquated version of blogger, he stayed the course, WordPress be damned!

Don’t know who this character of the Wild, Wild Web is?

Here is only a sample of the many publications he writes for online:

Crisis Magazine, National Catholic Register, Catholic Exchange, Inside Catholic, and a whole lot more.

I am happy to present the 2011 Cross & Eagle Award for the Most Prolific Blogger in the Catholic Blogosphere to. . .

. . .the multi-talented Mark P. Shea who writes on his personal blog Catholic and Enjoying It!

Congratulations on receiving this well-deserved award Mark!

So far the following Cross & Eagle Award Winners:

Most Catholic Non-Catholic: Chris Johnson of The Midwest Conservative Journal

Longest Post Title: Damian Thompson of The Daily Telegraph

Most Beautiful Blog:  Standing on my Head by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Best Author Pseudonym:  Rubric Monster

Introduction:  Cross & Eagle Awards for the Catholic Blogosphere.

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