What Voris Ought to Learn

The Catholic News Agency reported a few days that Michael Voris and his RealCatholicTV operation were facing some issues. First, it appears that the organization has failed to maintain its nonprofit status despite possibly promising such status to potential donors. Second, it appears that his right hand man Simon Rafe has written some questionable sexual-themed fiction, which Rafe has since taken down and apologized for.

Several bloggers, most notably Mark Shea and the Anchoress, have stated that this is a non-issue. To some extent they’re right. I don’t blame Voris for being confused by the myriad regulations surrounding the maintenance of non-profit status and having a friend who sins simply you have a friend.

However, this is not the kind of logic upon which Voris’s career is based. His arguments on based on showing oversights and associations which portray certain bishops and other Catholic figures as being bad Catholics. Are there donations from the CCHD that are going to bad places? Then shut down the CCHD and damn every bishop, especially the USCCB, that started or defended the drive.

Are those errors? No, and it is good for the bishops to be alerted to the situation and attempt to rectify it. But what Voris needs to learn is that the bishops are administrators with vast responsibilities: priests, parishes, finances, USCCB work, etc. and that’s before their own spiritual lives. When they make these kinds of mistakes, it doesn’t mean they are bad Catholics or not real Catholics. It means they’re human.

If Mr. Orthodoxy himself, the “Real Catholic,” can’t even keep track of the going-ons of a po-dunk operation like the RealCatholicTV and what his right-hand man is doing, how on earth can he expect the bishops who have far more personnel and organizations as their responsibility to do the same? I hope Mr. Voris learns humility from this episode and gains a better appreciation for the sometimes frightening burdens placed on our bishops and tempers his assaults accordingly.