Cross & Eagle Catholic Blogging Award for Most Beautiful Blog

When it comes to blogging, fortunately or unfortunately, how a blog looks plays an important role in attracting readers.  Yes, substantively written blogs do retain readers, but if you want to shoot fish in a barrel, you need a spiffy looking blog to fill up that barrel full of fish.

There are many well made and creative blogs out there, but striking the balance between color, pics, font, and layout is very tricky.  There are a few out there that do well in this department, though there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The 2011 Cross & Eagle Award for Most Beautiful Blog is none other than . . .

. . . Standing on my Head by Fr. Dwight Longenecker!

His use of the color red for the overall look of his blog plus using striking Catholic icons and imagery in his header grabs right at you.  His blog also has very fine writing in it, but combine that with a gorgeous look, you have a very potent combination which can only raise the retention levels of first time visitors.

8 thoughts on “Cross & Eagle Catholic Blogging Award for Most Beautiful Blog

  1. The design group that did his blog is straight where I am going should I ever win the lottery and decide to makeover my blog. I think this is an excellent choice, and his design team really should get a H/T.

  2. Ya it’s nice but shouldn’t the credit go to the ones who designed it ? That would be Tekeme studios and from what I seen , their designs are really super expensive and I’m sure Fr. Longenecker invested a lot of money to get that one . Anyway it is one of the nicer ones for sure . congratulations to him on his blog award!

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