Newsweek and the Demonization of Michele Bachmann

Tuesday, August 9, AD 2011

Newsweek, the newsmagazine worth every cent of the dollar it was recently sold for, is running a hit piece against Congresswoman Michele Bachmann this week.  They aren’t especially subtle about what they are doing as the cover indicates:



Here is a photograph of Michele Bachmann by a photographer not employed by Newsweek:


When will conservative candidates learn?  Mainstream press organs like Newsweek are simply an arm currently of the Democrat party.  Expecting a fair shake from them is ludicrous.  Conservative candidates should concentrate on going over the heads of the dying Mainstream press to the American public.  Giving them access for feature articles is merely asking for the type of over the top attack Newsweek has launched against Bachmann.  In the past the Mainstream press made a pretense of objectivity in order to maintain credibility with the American public.  Now their readership is so small, and their credibility so long ago vanished, that they have decided that their only hope for survival is as partisan attack dog organs.  Wise conservative candidates will treat them as such.

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