Obamacare to Require Coverage of Contraception

In a move likely to surprise only those on the Catholic Left, the government received a recommendation (which it is almost sure to implement) to require all insurance companies to cover contraception as it is a preventive service. This will not allow for insurance companies to require a co-pay for these services. This includes not only all FDA-approved contraception procedures, but also all sterilization procedures as well as education and counseling for “all women with reproductive capacity.” I’m not certain, but I assume “all FDA-approved contraceptive procedures” would include some abortifacients, specifically the “emergency contraceptives” that prevent implantation (considered by some to not be abortive because they define pregnancy at implantation not fertilization).

There do not yet appear to be any provisions providing for entities to opt out of this kind of coverage, which likely means that Catholic employers are now mandated to provide insurance will have to pay for contraception and abortion.

Thanks for your hard work, Mr. Stupak.


12 Responses to Obamacare to Require Coverage of Contraception

  • Art Deco says:


    I’m not shocked. I’m just curious how the people who swore up and down that Obamacare would not promote abortion or spread contraception are going to cover their tracks.

    With displays of arrogance.

  • T. Shaw says:

    They needed to pass the bill so we could find out what was in it.

    Plus, there are no jobs, Blind Man the Bernank and Tax Cheat Geithner are feverishly devaluing the Federal Reserve Note, people can’t afford home heating oil (thank God for AGW), food prices soaring, millions lose homes, there is no economic growth, Gitmo is still open, three wars still flagrant, they didn’t read Osama his Miranda righs, US drones assassinating hundreds, gays may serve in military with federal endorsement, sodomy is becoming a legal “sacrament”, and name three muslim hell holes at which the US is not at war.

    Oh yeah, Obama is soooo good for the “common good” and social justice.

  • Phillip says:

    And of course Obama’s views on marriage continue to “evolve.” He now supports the repeal of DOMA. Obama, the most anti-life, anti-social justice President in history.

  • T. Shaw says:

    Daledog and Mr. Anderson,

    You both hit the target 10-X.

    In 2014, if we haven’t succeeded in rpealing Obamascare, it’ll be “Obama lied and Grandma died.”

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