Some Gaffes Are More Equal Than Others

Monday, July 18, AD 2011

I don’t know Klavan on the Culture.  I had always assumed that the media downplays gaffes by Obama because he is obviously a genius and that therefore when he makes a gaffe it is simply a mistake, and no big deal.  Republicans on the other hand are self-evidently idiots, or they would be Democrats, and therefore when they make a gaffe it is revealing of their essential idiocy, and thus newsworthy because it alerts the public to the fact that Republicans are idiots.  No media bias here!

Or perhaps I am wrong:



One Response to Some Gaffes Are More Equal Than Others

  • This is driven by the progressive agenda.

    Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann don’t have Ivy credentials and once or twice misquote arcane facts in history and the dem/prog propaganda organ (a.k.a. the main stream media) call them idiots.

    Obama, Bernanke, Frank, Geithner, Pelosi, Reid, etc. devalue the dollar by printing $3 trillion in Federal reserve Note and no jobs are created; kill the coal and oil sectors – $4 a gallon gas and heating oil; take over the best health care system on Earth; slashed economic growth with 15,000 regulations and uncertainty; pass laws so they can learn what’s in them, etc. and the Obama-worshipping imbeciles repetitively claim that Bachmann and Palin are morons.

    Makes sense to them, I guess.

    We are screwed.