The Clothes Have No Barack

Right you are Klavan on the Culture!  I think that future historians will find the Obama years puzzling in that a large segment of the American population spent them resolutely denying the obvious:  that electing as President a politician from Illinois with little experience, few leadership skills, a reactionary adherence to government as panacea, and a pronounced hostility to the private sector, has been an unmitigated disaster for the country. However, even his most resolute fans, judging from the savage comments to the Salon article, How A One Term President is Made, and which may be read here, have begun to realize the truth that except for the emptiest of rhetoric, there is no there, there, when it comes to Obama.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. “Eat your peas and suck it in.”

    IMO history will judge Obama the least experienced, least qualified, and least American POTUS.

    Each day Wrong Way Obama provides evidence that nothing can be accomplished by complaining, criticizing, lying, regulating, spending, taxing, tomfoolery, and eroding the people’s liberties and property.

    An American would have said, “Eat your peas and suck it up.” Or, “Man up.”

  2. The one thing that continues to amaze me is that otherwise really smart people (such as certain unnamed pro-nuclear energy bloggers) who know more about science and engineering and technology than I ever will are still in love with Obama! Now most people with whom I work in the nuclear power industry are conservative and realize that Obama is an idiot. But those who blog are invariably liberal, progressive Democrats, and often atheist humanists to boot. I just don’t get it. How can people certainly a whole heck of a lot smarter than me be unable to see through the smoke and mirrors? These aren’t evil people. They do want the best for the country and they are basically decent human beings. But they are ever so wrong and ever so deluded. They buy into that fantasy hook, line and sinker that Andrew Klavan so eloquently describes.

    I just don’t understand it. The country is going down under with abortion, gay sex, contraception, pornography, corruption (ecclesial and political), etc. And people still look at Obama all starry-eyed and gushy-teared. It’s truly the spirit of anti-Christ (no, Obama isn’t the anti-Christ; he’s too stupid to be that; rather, this spirit that so infects people who really are not evil themselves is positively demonic).

  3. Paul, you wonder why people who are smarter than you are soooo deceived when it comes to Obama? It’s ideology man. These folks have adopted a pre-concieved set of ideas that does all their thinking for them. They never tested their ideology in the real world, they just accepted it as religious dogma. To get a handle on this, read “Intellectual Morons” by Daniel Flynn, especially the first chapter. BTW, your fellow nuke workers may understand more about science, technology, and engineering than you do, but they know squat about human nature.

  4. Obama is trying for the center and getting squeezed from both sides. The Leftists think he’s abandoned them; the right think he’s too far left. The middle is narrow so he has nowhere to go, trying to satisfy both ends. It’s a losing strategy as his base crumbles and the independents move right. But if the GOP puts up another weak sister then Obama could win by default. Too early at this point to count him out. A lot could and will happen before Nov 2012.

  5. Center Schmenter . . . Senator Rubio: “Every aspect of life in America is worse since Obama took over.”

  6. Joe;

    I am happy to be able to state that we agree on something – it is too early to count President Obama out. Who would have thought Bush I would loose when a year before he had a 90%+/- approval rating.

  7. I knew it was over for Bush 41 when he reneged on the no new taxes pledge. The Gulf War victory raised him to the stratosphere temporarily but it did nothing to repair the deep damage that Bush did to himself by violating the pledge and gave Perot the opportunity he needed to make his run and deep six Bush.

  8. Right now the problem for the Repubs is Romney is about the best thing they’ve got going and that ain’t saying much. The media’s marginalization of Bachmann is proving successful; Gingrich never got out of the box, TPaw and Paul are yawn-inducing so, back to my original point, Obama could squeak by again because of weak opposition. Doesn’t help that McConnell is all but waiving the white flag by proposing to give Obama the keys to the treasury.

  9. No, no, T. Shaw– don’t look at results, look at what he says.

    Paul W Primavera- I don’t know about civilian nukes, but the Navy guys were very high on intelligence and low on sense, in general. (She says, knowing full well that she was mistaken for a Nuke more than once.) Strong tendency to ignore reality once they’d established, in their minds, what was going on. It’s such a strong stereotype that there’s even a webcomic that uses a version of it– Girl Genius has “sparks,” incredible geniuses (of the mad scientist type) that can warp reality.

  10. Foxfier,

    I was both a Navy nuke and a commercial nuke. Served as RO on a 688 class sub back in the late 70s, early 80s. Worked in commercial nuke power ever since. So I am doubly damned with lack of common sense.


    However, most of the actual people I work with (engineers, techs, etc.) in nuclear power are conservative and see through Obama’s idiocy. That was also true back on the sub in the early 80s. We were ecstatic that Reagan defeated idiot Carter. Everyone cheered!

    It’s the pro-nuke bloggers (not all, though) who are generally liberal progressive Democrats. It’s almost as though if one’s time is spent actually doing nuclear work, then one is conservative. But if one’s time is spent talking about doing nuclear work, then one is liberal. I doubt that rule holds fast everywhere, but in my industry that’s the way it seems to be a lot (NOT all) the time.

    And NEI – the Nuclear Energy Institute – goes out of its way to ingratiate itself with Obama because it is dependent on remaining in Obama’s good graces.

    Now I gotta go because “nukes ‘R us.”

  11. I think Rassmussen:

    Generic Republican – 48

    Generic Obama – 43

    How can 43% be so stupid- public schools.

    Latest logic launch from the community-agitator-in-chief: “I will not allow half the Americans that pay no taxes to bear the burden of the Americans who don’t pay their ‘fair’ share of taxes, or sumpthin.”

  12. Pretty pathetic that you so called “Christians” do not have any memory of the previous 8 years before the 2008 election. I guess it is pretty “Christian-like” to start 2 illegal wars, set the record for most executions, presided over the biggest corporate stock market fraud of any market in any country in the history of the world, etc, etc, etc…

    It is pretty obvious you put money ahead of God. A true Christian would help out their bothers and sisters. Try and justify greed any which way your selfish mind may. Remember, all that we have belongs to Him. We were born naked and will die naked. May God save your soul!

  13. Ah, another liberal!

    There is NO comparison between Iraq and Afghanistan, and the war Obama is waging on the unborn. There is no comparison between the wrongs of forced interrogation and the filth of homosexual sodomy that Obama supports.


    I love George W. Bush all the more if only because that incenses the liberal left into an apolexy of anger.


  14. Pathetic is the word that came to mind phil18 as I read your comment. Really, if you aspire to troll status at this blog we do have standards.

    Here is what is wrong with your comment:

    First: you do not attempt to defend Obama, but you merely give vent to your Bush Derangement Syndrome. That is truly weak after Obama has been in office for over half of his term.

    Second: your use of the phrase “so called “Christians”. Please, if you wish to attempt to insult us you will have to do far better than such unimaginative paint-by-number insults. We do not expect literary brilliance from our trolls, but we do expect them to make some effort. You aren’t even trying!

    Third: Your attack on Mammon is a non-sequitur in regard to this post unless you are arguing that it is a good thing that Obama’s policies are reducing the economy to rubble. Really, even trolls must stay on topic.

    If we are going to hear from you again, you really will have to do much better than this. We expect far more from our trolls.

  15. Holy Obamanation, Batman!

    Phil seems to be an Obama-worshiping imbecile . . .

    Phil, Are you better off today than you were before Obama took over?

    Well, he didn’t drop the race card . . .

    Is he one of the 37% that are out to destroy the United States America?

  16. You know, Phil’s comment, “set the record for most executions”, isn’t a Bush Administration thing. After all, it’s the Democrats who laud the 60 million baby executions since Roe v Wade. And his hero Obama still didn’t shut Guantanamo down. And we’re still embroiled in “illegal” action, but maybe Libya doesn’t count in Phil’s universe.

    “A true Christian would help out their bothers and sisters.” That’s what Sarah Palin did when she gave birth to her Down Syndrome baby Trig instead of having an abortion.

    The facts never line up with liberals.

  17. Liberals are charitable with other people’s money. A “true Christian” would “help out his brothers and sisters.” Multi-millionaire Obama lives in a house that could quarter the 7th Cavalry. Yet his aunt is lives on the taxpayer’s dime. He could bring her into the WH with his mother-in-law who lives with him again on your taxes. Yeah, raise taxes or YOUR grandma gets it!

    Obama is a “true Christian.” He celebrates Ramadan at the WH. And then, refuses to issue the customary (written by an aide) presidential statement recognizing the Feast of the Resurrection: Easter Sunday.

    PS: Obama hates you and me, and Barack isn’t an iota smarter than the ignorant louses that adore him. I know: I’m a racist.

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