Another Glorious Obama Summer

Tuesday, July 5, AD 2011

This Klavan on the Culture is from July 2010 and it is just as topical today.  The Obama years are an endless national Groudhog Day with a lousy economy, high unemployment and multiple wars being fought on autopilot, and a completely clueless Chief Executive who fails to do anything to change anything in a positive direction.  For a candidate who promised Hope and Change, Obama has delivered Despair and Stasis, the lost years of Obama.

4 Responses to Another Glorious Obama Summer

  • No!

    The state-run media is 24/7 covering the most vital issues du jour:

    Michelle Bachmann doesn’t know in which Iowa village was born John Wayne, and she graduated from Fleabag U unlike Barracks and Michelle Antoinette who were at Yale learning why they hate America. And, Governor Palin isn’t so bright, either.

    Quick, someone ask Obama what he did with $3 trillion he added to your children’s debt burden. Each stimulus job costs you $278,000.

    I bet Governor Plain has a better explanation for the Alaska State tax situation.

  • Barracks and Michelle Antoinette who were at Yale learning why they hate America.

    I think it was Columbia and Princeton, respectively. In B.O.’s case, on top of the foundation provided by his mother and Frank Marshall Davis, &c.

  • T. Shaw;
    As Art Deco felt compelled to correct your post, so do I – The First Lady has not hated America since Americans elected her husband as President. She, for the first time, is proud of America.

  • I am almost 48 years old. I can remember as far back as Nixon and I remember the Carter Misadministration well. Obumbler is worse than Carter. Try listening to Obumbler speak without his teleprompter. My three year old speaks better than Obumbler does without his teleprompter.

    Limbaugh put it very well. Obumbler isn’t “cool”. He is COLD. Obumbler and his wife have a sense of entitlement. Note the golf trips and the vacation to Spain at $75K a day.

    Somehow, this nation lost its way after the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and Russia. Bill Clinton was a person with a disgusting personal life, but the media and Hollywood loved him, so he managed to get elected – twice – with less than 50% of the so-called popular vote – while raising taxes in his first term.

    Hollywood became much more openly left while Reagan was President – not that there were not such programs before Reagan (note anything from Norman Lear). Most of the gay rights garbage emanates from Hollywood productions. That has had a huge impact on popular culture, which is the modern religion of the young and hip.

    When Obumbler was elected, there was a huge throng of college students clogging Forbes Avenue in Oakland (Pittsburgh). I wonder how many of ’em love Obumbler now that many of them have graduated and haven’t found work.

    Democrats destroy everything they touch. Look at the states controlled by Democrats – or recently controlled by Democrats. Most big cities are controlled by Democrats. How many of them have terrible schools, corrupt governments, etc.?

    Obumbler is, I think, a chastisement this nation brought upon itself and permitted by God. He is an empty suit and those who adore him have no common sense.