A Time for Truth by Tim Pawlenty

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USA TODAY – Real change is about telling hard truths

Tim Pawlenty’s moment

With straight talk message, Tim Pawlenty announces

State Rep. Renee Schulte, Iowa House of Representatives (R):
From an Iowa perspective, Pawlenty is the early frontrunner. As the candidate who has put together a large, well-regarded staff and spent the most time working the grassroots here, Pawlenty has secured the pole position in the early, organizational phase of the campaign. Clearly, his campaign needs to win the Iowa Caucuses in order to become the alternative to Mitt Romney. The Iowa Straw Poll will be a crucial early test to determine the effectiveness of his organization and the strength of his appeal…

As Catholics, is it reasonable to support him?

14 Responses to A Time for Truth by Tim Pawlenty

  • Will conservative Catholics votes for an apostate Catholic?

  • I’d vote for Pawlenty over Santorum because the former is electable. It’s as Fr Neuhaus used to say, we Catholics are used to heretics being in the White House so we tend not to care so much about the exact confession of politicians.

  • I’m supporting Santorum. I can’t see myself voting for an ex-Catholic (Pawlenty) to be President of the United States.

  • Sure it is reasonable. To suggest otherwise is unreasonable. I would vote for a pro-life apostate Catholic before a pro-choice putatively practicing Catholic for instance. And I’m just not inclined to support anyone who is unelectable; if I was I’d support Don (or even me)! I admire Santorum, I do, but he does not have the political smarts to be a contender for POTUS.

  • Kurt, we are at a point in time and place where about 30% of nominal Catholic communicants might be found at mass on Sunday and no more than 10% make an annual confession. (I can give you the name of priests in the Diocese of Syracuse who discourage confession). Gov. Pawlenty’s attendance at evangelical services merely adds clarity to what is usually the case in fact. Better he be at prayer with protestants than at home reading the New York Times.

  • I admire Santorum, I do, but he does not have the political smarts to be a contender for POTUS.

    The problem is that he has never been a line administrator in a public or private apparat. There a circumstances where an acquired virtuosity in dealing with Congress might make the trade worth it (though legislative insiders tend regrettably to be big boosters of pork barreling and corporate welfare), but his is not that case. The current and prospective candidates who have run something are Govs. Huntsman, Palin, Pawlenty, Roemer, and Romney. Gov. Huntsman has been caving on non-negotiables when he did not need to do so. Gov. Romney has been all over the map on a selection of issues over 16 years and who knows what he truly thinks. Gov. Roemer played bait-and-switch with the right-to-life constituency during his time in office, managed to lose a re-election bid to the likes of Edwin Edwards and David Duke, and has had an embarrassing domestic life. Gov. Palin has a je-ne-sais-quoi that induces people to choose up sides (more often than not against her). Sigh.

  • Art,
    I do favor Pawlenty at the moment for the reasons you suggest. I wish Christie would run, but he won’t. Romney is also acceptable to me, though I agree that his personal center is unusually hard to discern.
    I admire Don’s political knowledge and instincts, but cannot agree with him on Palin. I appreciate his comparison to Reagan insomuch as both have been dismissed by their opponents as rather dunce-like, but Reagan was actually a well-read and unusually literate man, whereas there is no evidence of this for Palin. While she is by no means a dunce, I do think that she has been “Quayled” insomuch as most independent voters dismiss her intellect as being less than their own. While no doubt unfair, I don’t think she has the gifts to overcome that perception.

  • I only took a serious look at him today but I think I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson. He’s Ron Paul without the kookyiness. He has the unusual position of being personally pro-choice but publicly pro-life. He has supported abortion restrictions and would appoint judges to overturn Roe. That’s good enough for me.

  • As I said on a previous thread, I’d have no problem voting for a non-Catholic or former Catholic. Lisa, if you support a candidate’s politics, why wouldn’t you support him for a political (not religious) position?

  • Frankly, I will vote for whomever is not Obama.

  • RR:
    I can understand how a person can be personally pro-choice but also anti-Roe v Wade. Roe was a lawless decision whether one favors abortion restrictions or not. But could you kindly explain to me how one can be publicly pro-life but personally pro-choice?

  • I think it is pretty clear that many conservative Catholics, if not most (including daily communicants) will vote for an ex-Catholic if his position on critical issues (e.g. LIFE), are verifiable and his experience, vision, character and intestinal fortitude indicate he has what it takes to be an effective leader. Keep in mind, many Catholic didn’t leave the Church, they were chased away … even by bad Priests in some instances. Palin was also raised Catholic and left. I never thought I would see the day when the largest percentage of ‘catholics’ in the U.S. are ‘cultural catholics’ who don’t know much of anything about the One True Faith.

    From the little I know about Pawlenty, I think I would prefer him over Santorum. Christie would have my vote, but he is not running. He is a rock solid devout Catholic with conviction and courage in spades.

  • Mark, How do you know that Christie is a “rock solid devout Catholic”?

  • Keep in mind, many Catholic didn’t leave the Church, they were chased away … even by bad Priests in some instances.

    If we can have this charitable sympathy for people of good will who abandoned the one true faith, the sacraments, and union with the Vicar of Christ, can we also accept the possibility that some people have sadly been alienated from the Pro-Life movement because of equivalent actions by particular Pro-Life leaders and spokesmen?

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