Fr. Pfleger Celebrates First Mass Since Reinstatement

Fr. Michael Pfleger

The latest from Chicago:

This Sunday, Fr. Michael Pfleger celebrated his first Mass at St. Sabina since he was reinstated by Cardinal George after apologizing and pledging to assist in a transition for the parish.

From WLS, Chicago:

Father Michael Pfleger celebrated his 62nd birthday Sunday as well as his first mass since being reinstated as pastor of Saint Sabina Catholic Church.

Father Pfleger apologized to his congregation for the unsettled period over the past three weeks during his suspension, but he expressed his gratitude to Francis Cardinal George and encouraged parishioners to do the same.

The cardinal suspended Pfleger following comments Pfleger made about leaving the church rather than being removed from Saint Sabina.

Pfleger today said that his words were misinterpreted.

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I have personally spoken to four members of St. Sabina parish and have found them to be sincere, caring people who love Jesus…but who have not really been taught the Catholic Faith, particularly the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. I do not think it is fair to refer to the parishioners as “disobedient” or “dissenting”. It has become clear to me that, though Fr. Pfleger has done much good in the community, particularly for young people, his failure to instruct his flock in core teachings of the Faith has resulted in the fullness of the Faith being hidden from them, something that can only be detrimental to their spiritual lives, not beneficial.

As always, I ask for prayers for the members of St. Sabina parish, for Fr. Pfleger, and for Cardinal George. Let us pray for the return of this prodigal son who has taken a positive step in reflecting a sense of obedience to Holy Mother Church. All things are possible with God.



14 Responses to Fr. Pfleger Celebrates First Mass Since Reinstatement

  • I am a Catholic but I beleive that God is present all the time and everywhere and thefore to limit the presence of Gos in the Eucharist as the only visible presence of God on Sunday ive not Catholic but its very biblical and I would rather be biblically correcct than Catholically correct. St. Sibina is what the Catholic church should be embolding the real prence of God in the community and not in the elements.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time Fr Pfleger came up in the news there was a “woman priest” speaking on behalf of St Sabina, was there not? Why hasn’t this “parish” been shut down?

  • Francis- Because Cardinal George is part of the problem.

    The Holy Spirit ensures the Church will not err in teaching Faith & Morals. That we have ineffectual bishops such as Cardinal George ensures the Church will err in everything else.

  • God is physically present in the Eucharist. He nourishes us physically with Himself in the Eucharist. There is no equivalent. Read John 6.

  • Francis and Paul, Fr. Pfleger is leaning toward obedience now. Cardinal George was instrumental in that. It is better to win people back than to cut them off.

  • Parish Priest is not a social worker, his mist important duty is to care for souls.

  • Veritas,

    The Church teaches that God is present at Mass in the priest who acts in the Person of Christ in the sacrifice of the altar. God is also present in his word through the readings and in the congregation who are united in the grace of Christ.

    But it is only in the Eucharist that Christ is present, body and blood, humanity and divinity, in a substantial, and thus truly Real Presence.

  • Poor Father Pfleger! His words are always being “misinterpreted”. I wonder about two things. One, the shelf life of this apology since Father Pfleger has a long history of issuing apologies when he is in trouble with Church authorities and then retracting them when the heat is off, and, second, the length of the “transitional period” at Saint Sabina’s. I would be willing to wager that ultimately it is Cardinal George who will back down and that Pfleger will stay at Saint Sabina’s.

  • Don is right. Pfleger is playing his usual game. He’s playing his classic one step backward routine so he can take two steps foward in the future. This is a classic Marxist strategy to advance the cause, while fooling the opponents into thinking they have won a victory over them. If Cdl George had a pair, he would have had Fr. Flakey defrocked years ago, and put an orthodox priest in charge of St. Sabina who would give the flock the spiritual food they need so bad after 30 years of Marxist tripe.

  • If Cdl George had a pair, he would have had Fr. Flakey defrocked years ago, and put an orthodox priest in charge of St. Sabina …

    Liberal Catholics fantasize with glee about transfering Fr. P to St. John Cantius and the priests there to St. Sabina’s.

  • We should pray for all involved, but most especially for Fr. Pfleger AND for Cardinal George – Fr. Pfleger has apologized in the past in order to remain where he is. He should not be allowed to get away with these false, self-serving apologies any more. He needs to be moved to a place where he will no longer be in charge so that he can experience healing and conversion of soul. To allow him to remain where he is will not help his soul – or his psyche. Fr. Pfleger needs help – spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. Why is Card. George afraid of this man? Or at least, he seems to fear him – or at least is intimidated by him. Card. George needs to do what is right for Fr. Pfleger and for the parish…so let’s pray for all involved.

  • Veritas- the Bible came from the Church, not the other way around. So, interpreting the Bible belongs to the Church and you would indeed be better off to be Catholically correct since that way you will be assred that your interpretation of the Bible is authentic.

  • Veritas ~ I think you misunderstand Catholic teaching. The True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist is solidly Biblical. Yes, God is also present in other ways, however He is Truly Present, meaning: Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in Holy Communion. It is not just a symbol. Christ is present in the Eucharist in a way that He is not present anywhere else.

    Have you heard of the Miracle of Lanciano? When we receive HOly Communion, Christ is giving us His very flesh and blood. Not symbolically, but truly, and at Lanciano, the consecrated host turned to flesh. Once tested, it was determined to be cardiac muscle (heart muscle). Read up on it.

    BTW…it is not possible to be Catholic without being “biblically correct”. ;-) I encourage you to actually study our faith so that you will obtain an understanding of it.

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