More Oil, Less Hydrochloro-Bullhockey Please

The NRSC has come up with yet another great ad. This one pulls no punches.

I hope the 2012 Republican candidate is great as well – and not just on the issue of energy policy.

3 Responses to More Oil, Less Hydrochloro-Bullhockey Please

  • Whomever in 2012!

    Of course, the GOP nominee will (pick any or all) be: dull, extremist, inexperienced, crazy, evil, . . . “There you go again.”

    Someone name one benefit the Obama, the Bernank, Geithner, Pelosi, Reid, et al has provided to the “man in the street.”

    Maybe I’m missing something.

    MISERY INDEX 25 (Carter record was 22)
    ONE-IN-SEVEN need food stamps to eat
    $4.299 a gallon home heating oil
    $4.299 a gallon gasoline
    9.4% unemployment
    19% underemployment
    10% real inflation
    40,000,000 families’ homes worthless
    No home construction
    No jobs – except Mickey Dee’s!
    Three endless wars
    Gitmo still open for business
    War crimes (if GWBush were POTUS)
    Tax funded abortions
    Gangster government

    And, it’s not Bush’s fault. Reagan inherited a similar recession from Carter. By this point in R’s first term, the US economy was growing a 7% compared to 2%. And, unemployment was cut by 50% not by 2%.

    No wait! Blessed are the hedge fund nabobs that pay $35,000 a piece to rub elbows with the Obie, the Bernank, the Tax Cheat Geithner, . . .

    Of course, university intellectuals will respond with a measured, ingenious statement: RACISTS!!!

  • T. Shaw don’t you know it’s racist to point out the poor economy while Obama’s president. Or, so we’ve been told by David Gregory.

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