Conservative Reality, Liberal Fantasies

Quite correct Klavan on the Culture! It has long been a byword among the “reality based community” that “reality has a liberal bias”.  That this is total rubbish is demonstrated by viewing much of popular entertainment, usually written by doctrinaire liberals, and comparing it with reality.  No, pro-lifers are not the ones supporting murder in the abortion debate, communists are not romantic reformers who just want to help people, most murders are not committed by rich white men, segregationists in the South were not Republicans, the US military is not filled with bloodthirsty maniacs, Christians are not some sort of weird cult, Republicans are not all idiots, and the list could go on an on.  We live in an odd time when those who produce what passes for culture have sold what little artistic intengrity they ever had for the sake of politics, and as a result more and more people are simply ignoring them, the worst fate of all for people who have any pretensions to be respected for their art.