60 Minutes on Mount Athos and St. Anthony

As an Eastern Catholic, Melkite Greek Catholic, I was deeply provoked by the following 60 Minutes episode very much worth watching. A good friend of mine is a Eastern Catholic Priest Monk who spent a decade on the Holy Mountain, but had to depart there for personal medical reasons. I finally could see the location of which I have heard so many incredible stories about.

Mount Athos

Behind-the-scenes travelogue to holy Mt. Athos – Producer Michael Karzis takes you on a high-stakes adventure: shooting a “60 Minutes” story in one of the holiest places on Earth

Here is another amazing story of an incredible coach from a small Jersey inner-city Catholic school…

The Sage of St. Anthony

3 Responses to 60 Minutes on Mount Athos and St. Anthony

  • Erdrogan better be careful what he asks for. If Turkey gets into the EU, it will be Brussels, not Ankara, that makes final decisions in many matters (not that the monastery would fare better in Brussels, but it certainly couldn’t do worse).

  • I expected to be really blown away by this film but instead I was left a little cold. The reporter asked a lot of bland questions and kept repeating himself. I was not impressed that the monks wrote to Hitler asking for his protection. That made me a bit sick. It’s one thing to stay neutral, it’s quite another to make a deal with the devil. No icon is worth Hitler’s aid.

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