Elisabeth Sladen (1948-2011)

Quite possibly the most famous and well-liked Dr Who companion.

From The DailyMail Online:

Tributes have been pouring in for Doctor Who actress Elisabeth Sladen who died yesterday following a battle with cancer aged 63.

Leading them was former Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, who brought her back to Doctor Who, and said it was ‘an honour to have worked with her’.

Speaking this morning, he said: ‘It’s devastating, it’s no age at all is it? All of us who worked on Doctor Who and Sarah Jane are just reeling at the moment.

‘It’s so sad. It was a joy to know the woman and an honour to have worked with her, I loved her.’

Liverpool-born Sladen played the Doctor’s assistant Sarah Jane Smith, first alongside Jon Pertwee in 1973, and stayed on with Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor, until 1976.

She returned as the character for a spin-off series K9 and Company in 1981 and Davies, 47, brought Sladen back into the Doctor Who fold in 2006 when she starred in an episode alongside the then Doctor, David Tennant.

Sladen is the second high-profile actor who starred in Dr Who to have passed away this year – Nicholas Courtney (aka ‘The Brigadier’) died on February 23rd.

Requiescat in Pace, Sarah Jane Smith

6 Responses to Elisabeth Sladen (1948-2011)

  • A sad day for all of us inhabitants of Whodom Larry.

  • Definitely will be missed. I had not heard about the Brigadier… guess I’ve been out of the time loop!

  • Newcomer to “Whodom” here, as I’ve only seen the show from the reboot forward. But I liked what we got to see of the Sarah Jane character in that time, so I’m very sad to hear of her passing.

  • oh my, I just read about Elisabeth. Sorry to hear, I did`nt know of her cancer. I have 3 season`s of Sarah Jane Smith. And was so glad they made the series for her. And I was looking forward for more. Be with the angels as you belong. R.I.P. with love JT

  • This made me very sad. Sarah Jane was The Doctor’s companion when I first discovered the show back in my early teens. I loved her and was very upset when she left the show, not then really understanding that an ever-changing set of companions was simply a part of The Doctor’s world. Still, I was utterly delighted to see her return, very moved by it, and thrilled for her that she wound up with her own children’s show.

    How wonderful that in the closing years of her life she saw a resurrection of a career that she obviously loved, and we all got to share her a little longer and that her talents were shown to a wider audience.

    May the Lord bless her and keep her.

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