A Friday in Lent

I am overwhelmed by this world more often than not. I look around, and all I see is conflict. I see depression, anxiety, fear, pain, confusion. Perhaps most notably, there is a palpable and deep lack of happiness. There is no peace here. It is clear that this life is not the life we were all meant to lead. This world is a world full of broken things that need love. Now I love the world, which is to say I love other people. Because of this, I am critical of things, “the way things are,” or “the status quo”. I am critical of myself, critical of politicians, critical of everything. I am too critical, too much. Maybe you’re something like this too. But criticism will not save the world. Only love can save the world. But what does that mean? Surely a part of love involves criticism? Jesus said “the TRUTH will set you free.” Truth is a proposition. Propositions need to be proposed. The truth needs to be spoken, and it needs to be defending. Lies need to be exposed. And so this must be where criticism is necessary. But it cannot be everything. There is a time and a place for criticism. In conversation with friends, maybe. Two persons, pursuing the truth together with words. In order for criticism to be effective, there must be a RELATIONSHIP, or an understanding between two persons. Clear away the confusion, and you might realize that we are all on the same side. In other words, we all need each other, even if we don’t know it. We have to work together in Christ to repair our brokenness. And in doing this, I think, we will find peace.

5 Responses to A Friday in Lent

  • Zach, as Thomas Hardy put it in one of his novels, “We have moments of pleasure in a general drama of pain” in this world. Like you and others, I yearn for a world of peace, love, joy and justice, but it won’t be found here and now. Perhaps, I am hopeful, in a world to come.

  • We are ” . . . poor, banished children of Eve . . . mourning and weeping in this vale of tears.” The best we can hope for is that, “after this our exile . . . “, we may be judged “worthy of the promises of Christ.”

    Pray for moral courage and patience that we may take up our crosses without complaint.

  • T. Shaw, sometimes that prayer weighs heavier on my heart than others. Lately the truth of it has left me silent.

  • Life is a journey, we do not know what will happen the next moment, all in the hands of God…Live one day at a time…
    We will try our best not to offend God…Indeed prayer will strengthen our heart, mind and soul…spend some quite moment with God, it will help us in our daily life

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