The Difference Between Libya and Iraq Explained

For additional comedy relief, here is a video put out by a group supporting Obama for president detailing Obama’s opposition to the war in Iraq.

You know, I think quite a few of the easy marks who voted for Obama will regret eventually having voted for him, perhaps none more so than those who voted for him because they actually believed that he was a peacenik.

Why, perhaps even Morning’s Minion at Vox Nova, who wrote the paragraph below, will someday realize that Obama played him like an accordion:

I endorse Barack Obama because I believe he is vastly more likely to foster peace and global stability. John McCain was one of those very early enthusiastic supporters of the Iraq war, even as the twin towers were still smouldering, and has never repented that stance even in the face of incontrovertible evidence that the underlying justifications for that war were false. Obama opposed the Iraq war from the beginning, a war that can under no circumstances be deemed a just war (the “last resort” criterion alone is sufficient to demonstrate this point). John McCain has displayed a persistent knee-jerk bellicosity since then, a context-free dualism that could very well make the world a far more dangerous place. He continues to believe terrorism is best defeated by military means, when reason (and the voice of the Church) says otherwise. His stance toward countries like Russia and Iran increases the likelihood of war, possibly a global conflagration, making it all the more urgent to deny him the ability to direct foreign policy. Obama, on the other hand, is extremely well respected throughout the world, and can restore the global prestige of America, a prestige necessary for effective leadership, and a prestige utterly obliterated by the Bush-Cheney regime. Of the two choices, there can be no doubt that he is the candidate of peace.

Judging from Minion’s comment on Libya at Vox Nova, I assume that he is not happy with the intervention.  Well, I guess that is a start.  Perhaps if he decides to rethink his endorsement someday, he might also consider this passage in his thumbs up to Obama:

I also support Obama’s emphasis on restoring fiscal discipline by reinstating PAYGO rules, while McCain’s deficit bias will (be) both costly to the economy and selfish in terms of leaving a debt burden for future generations to repay.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Here’s the difference. A hated, GOP president liberated Iraq.
    A messianic, progressive president gave Libya to al Qaeda, et al.

  2. As the Instapundit notes, the real rubes are those who somehow believed Obama was something other than a sleazy Chicago pol.

  3. How about I think about minding our own business… I think we had it right after WWI mind our own business and only involve ourselves when we cannot ignore it like WWII …. but let continue to go to war and spend more money we don’t have sounds smart Obama/Bush II ..feel like every prez since nixon is a manchurian candidate but lets keep on chugging with that rep/demo talk that gets us so far…

  4. “I think we had it right after WWI mind our own business and only involve ourselves when we cannot ignore it like WWII”

    Actually Alex, I think one of the contributing factors that led to World War II was the retreat of the US into an isolationist cocoon following WWI.

  5. “the real rubes are those who believed Obama was something other than a sleazy Chicago pol”

    If Obama were just another “sleazy Chicago pol” his highest ambition would have been to get elected alderman or mayor, not POTUS!

  6. That is one of the many mysteries of Obama Elaine: he strikes me as neither ambitious nor driven, two characterists of most presidents. Another mystery is that once having grasped the brass ring of the Presidency, he seems to me to be completely disinterested and disengaged from the job. There are many question marks about this man.

  7. Donald, you’re on to it now!
    Obama really never wanted “power”. That requires responsibilities and decision making which he knew were “above his pay scale” as well as his limited abilities. Barry, the lovable community organizer with the big smiley face and velvet tongue, desired only the “position” of the highest office. He never cared about being the people’s candidate or the people themselves. He had the job of his life before he ever entered public office. He was fully aware the power and wealth of those backing and guiding his career and writing his books were able to fill the enlarged ego of the little boy with such a humble and mysterious childhood far beyond his wildest dreams.
    We need to stop thinking we, the voting public, “employed” Obama. He accepted the “position” he desired with the “power” he saw as the dominate force in world politics for the future as soon as he finished college. The 2008 election brought that power into a position at the White House and Obama is its voice. Got it?

  8. I’d like to add…
    And now you can understand why Obama seems to be preoccupied with parties, palling with celeb’s, festive receptions, golf, basketball, vacations, expensive family trips out of the country, and avoiding meetings now with other national leaders of opposite stripe here and world leaders from abroad who have been our closest allies in the past.
    Speech is the main purpose of his occupation not negotiating on his feet and the words only come together for him after the community organizers preordained ideologues have determined what they want his audience to hear from him

  9. Here are two more difference.

    In Iraq, US marines and soldiers were killing jihadis.

    In Libya, per Byron York, US is aiding jihadis that killed Americans. KIA of the USS Coles must be spinning in their graves.

    And, per Donald Sensing: “Obama got rolled by the Europeans. This is an after-affect of French and Italian colonialism. The Libya war is neo-colonialism by the Europeans. And the United States is like fraternity pledges that the brothers make mop up the frat house floor on Sunday morning after an all-night kegger that they didn’t attend.”

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