Who’s Your Doctor?

Alrighty then – time for a little diversion.

April 23 2011 – Dr Who Season Six starts. Here’s the trailer:

Season Six trailer

I’ve been a fan since 1982, when I first discovered the Doctor one Saturday night, channel-changing (no “surfing” then as we didn’t have a remote) and landing on the local PBS station. Just fun brain-candy sci-fi that didn’t take itself all that seriously.

Nowadays the production values are great, the special effects cooler, the locations and sets go way beyond your run-of-the-mill gravel quarry, and the story lines and season arcs are, for the most part, superb. I have found that plenty of the “reboot” fans were fans of the Original Series – and there are quite a few who discovered the series the same way I did, way back when: channel surfing and discovering this enigmatic time-traveling mysterious Time Lord known only as the Doctor.

Talk to any seasoned fan, such as myself, and they’ll tell you right off who their favorite actor was to have played the Doctor, and will volunteer which one ranks last on their list. For most, it’s either Jon Pertwee (#3) or Tom Baker (#4) as the favorites (mine is Tom Baker), with Colin Baker (#6) settling at the bottom. And everyone has their most favorite episodes, along with their least liked one.

I know that quite a few Catholic bloggers and readers are Dr Who fans as well. So let’s do an impromptu unscientific survey. Of all the Doctor’s you’re familiar with, which episodes of each were your most favorite, and least favorite? Let’s limit the discussion to the first 7 incarnations (forget about that dismal Fox movie from 1996 that featured Paul McGann as #8). You don’t have to give a reason if you don’t want to.  Perhaps at a later date we’ll look at the Reboot Doctors, but for now, let’s stick with the Original Series.

Here’s my list – and I’m not including William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton in my list, because I haven’t seen enough episodes to make a valid comparison:

Jon Pertwee (3rd Doctor, 1970-1974)

Most favorite: The Daemons – moody, suspenseful, the Master, a village besieged by malevolent forces, UNIT, an animated gargoyle – this one has it all.

Least favorite: Carnival of Monsters – finally released by the Time Lords from his Earth-bound exile, and this is what the Doctor gets?  Running around the inside of a piece of electrical equipment?  Puh-leeze.

Tom Baker (4th Doctor, 1974-1982)

Most favorite: Horror Of Fang Rock Tough to choose just one, especially with the “Key to Time” story arc of Season Sixteen, Baker’s first season as the Doctor, and so many others. This one, though, was taut, tense and claustrophobic – the classic setting of isolated characters beset by a desperate unknown killer.

Least favorite: Underworld Forgettable and rather pointless.  Creature in the Pit comes a close second, with the famous “OMG The Doctor is performing f——- on that alien!!!” scene.

Peter Davison (5th Doctor) 1982-1984

Most favorite: Frontios – this combines the best of Dr Who elements: mystery, suspense, horror – oh, and the TARDIS is destroyed early on, too.  Any episode that has characters getting sucked into the earth works for me.

Least favorite: The Five Doctors – which only had four. One of whom wasn’t even one of the original actors.  Weak effort for the 20th anniversary of the show.

Colin Baker (6th Doctor) 1984-1986

Most favorite – Mark of the Rani – with only 11 episodes in Baker’s tenure, it was hard to pick out one good one. This one comes closest – battling his nemesis the Master, a new enemy in the Rani, a historic setting (the “alternative history” episodes tend to be the series’ strongest) – but it still isn’t saying much.  The dinosaur in the bottle at the end ruined it.

Least favorite – The Twin Dilemma a very weak inaugural episode to kick off Baker’s run, and it never really recovered.  A schizophrenic Doctor was wrong and unsettling.  And Peri was a rotten companion, which didn’t help.

Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor) 1986-1989

Most favorite – Battlefield – UNIT, the return of Lethbridge-Stewart, the King Arthur myth – this one has good elements, and finally – finally – McCoy begins to play the Doctor with a bit less slapstick (Greatest Show in the Galaxy comes in a close second because the clowns are just so darn creepy).  I kinda hope the Reboot Series extrapolates on the Doctor-as-Merlin idea someday.

Least favorite – Delta and the Bannermen – McCoy’s whole first year was terrible, and this one was the worst of the bunch.

Okay, Whovians – your turn!

11 Responses to Who’s Your Doctor?

  • This is brilliant. And I am officially getting my contribution together in short order.

  • Favorite doctor – # 2, Patrick Troughton.

    I really don’t have a favorite with the 1st Doctor alone, & his appearance in the 3 Doctors was limitted & except for a small clip from an old Dr. Who someone else played him in the 5 Doctors. But they still rank among my favorites. As does the 2 Doctors.

    Now as the other Doctors individually.

    For Patrick Troughton, The War Games. In part because it is 1 of the few that has all the episodes available.
    Not enough to have a least favorite

    Jon Pertwee (3rd) – Spearhead from Space because it set a new direction for the Doctor
    Terror of the Autons – introduced The Master
    Least favorite – Invasion of the Dinosaurs. Even if Yates had a breakdown, it just didn’t seem logical for him to do what he did.

    Tom Baker (4th) – The Deadly Assassin because of its focus on Galifrey
    The Talons of Weng-Chiang, just because
    The Keeper of Traken – How they regenerated the Master
    Least – Meglos, Dr Who as a cactus! I know there have been some bad monntors, but come on?

    John Davidson (5th) – Castrovalva, Alice in Wonderland meets Dr. Who
    Earthshock Love/hate because of how Adric left

    Colin Baker (6th) Trial of a Time Lord because of the twists but didn’t like how they failed to explain where Mel came from

    Sylvester McCoy (7th) Delta and the Bannermen, the Doctor & Mel on holiday to ShangriLa
    Rememberance of the Daleks going back to the beginning for the 25th Anniversary & esp the inside joke of showing the premiere of the series on the BBC
    Silver Nemesis, Again, part of celebrating the 25th
    Don’t really have a least.

  • Most favorite episodes: anything with the Master, a villian to remember.

    Least favorite episodes: anything with the worthless Daleks, villians to remind you that the show was a low budget BBC production.

    Here is a link to a list of all Dr. Who villians and monsters up to July 2010, for all the true Dr. Who fanatics:


  • Wow, Donald…you sometimes make me wonder if you really have a soul.

  • Donald – Frontier In Space must have had you rather conflicted then.

  • Larry, Roger Delgado cancelled the sin of the presence of the Daleks! :)

    A great pity that due to his untimely death that was his last outing as the Master.

  • “Wow, Donald…you sometimes make me wonder if you really have a soul.”

    More of a soul certainly than those tin monstrosities the Daleks!

  • Any episode with the companion Peri Brown in it was to be enjoyed.

  • How to pick…

    Favorite Doctor was Tom Baker of course :).

    Favorite episode for most of the Doctors were almost any episodes involving the Daleks. Since pretty much any episode involving any alien reminded me how low budget the show was :), I decided to appreciate the Daleks for what they were meant to be. The ultimate in truly alien, faceless monsters. Anything with the Master comes in highly rated as well.

    Least favorite episodes? First season of Sylvester McCoy comes to mind. Much of Colin Baker’s run (Though I will still watch them :)).

  • Old as I am, I never discovered Dr. Who until the re-boot, so I’ll just go over here and sit in the corner until you get to the last five years, when I’ll have opinions.

    But I did quite enjoy Tom Baker in Monarch of the Glen.

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