St. Patrick and Rick Santorum

???Deacon Keith Fournier (Catholic Online)

???St. Patrck calls us to live in the Heart of the Church for the Sake of the World …The day when the whole world becomes Irish is a time for reflection on what it means to be a Christian.

Rick Santorum Takes on Jihadism, Showing Moral Coherence and Political Courage – Rick Santorum is a man of courage in an age of cowardice…Santorum does not separate social and economic issues. He is comfortable in his skin and has the communications skills and intelligence required of a leader. Any candidate for the Presidency who hopes to win in 2012 must be an effective communicator. He or she will be contending with President Barack Obama, whose oratory in the last election seemed to mesmerize people. His opponent must be articulate, intelligent and unafraid.

It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good

4 Responses to St. Patrick and Rick Santorum

  • I like Santorum.

    I do recall, however, the over the top angry reaction of many faithful Catholics when Santorum had the audacity to not take on the senior Senator of his own state when that Senator (the noxious pretend Republican Arlen Specter) was challenged in the GOP primary by pro-life conservative Pat Toomey. While there was little doubt that Santorum much preferred the Toomey, Santorum also knew that it would be a serious breach of Senatorial and political protocol for a sitting junior Senator to oppose his incumbant senior partner of the same party, and he would be punished severely (probably relegated to ineffective status) by his party’s establishment if he supported Toomey and Toomey was unsuccessful. It was a prudential calculus that many supporters of Toomey, especially pro-life Catholic supporters, interpreted as both cowardice and an indicium that he was not really pro-life. The second charge was palpably stupid, but the first charge was not entirely unfair depending on what one should or might reasonably expect from an elected Senator. While any fair person should concede that Santorum was in a tough spot, subsequent history suggests that he badly miscalculated. Toomey is now a US Senator while Spector is a pretend constitutional law professor (and still a jerk) at Penn. Santorum now practices law (sort of) in Washington, where he is considering a (quixotic) run at the presidency, apparently encouraged by many of the same pro-lifers who through him out of the Senate in 2006 as payback for not supporting Toomey.

    All that said, I really do like the guy.

  • I have his book. Never read it cover to cover, but I dip into it occasionally. I think perhaps he was the only Senator who was Catholic and happened to be a politician, rather than the other way around.

  • I like Santorum and hope he makes a run for the presidency. I hope he is able to reverse the damage that Pres. Kennedy did to the relationship between religion and politics.

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