Loyal Like a Dog

In the vast tragedy of Japan, an example of canine fidelity and devotion.  Both dogs were rescued and are receiving treatment and care.  Go here to The Lookout to read more about the story and to read a translation of the Japanese dialogue in the video.

The need in Japan is great and I trust we will respond with that same fidelity to our stricken brothers and sisters in Japan as shown by the noble canine in the video.

Go here to Catholic Relief Services to make a donation if you can help.

Our Lady of Akita, please pray for success in our efforts to help the Japanese in need!

One Response to Loyal Like a Dog

  • Aww, that’s a Brittany Spaniel. I don’t know why, but I’m surprised they have them in Japan. They’re not super popular even here but are known for being great bird dogs and family pets. I’m not surprised to see the loyalty and apparent affection though. They’re all around nice dogs but very dedicated to their master and family.

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