“And unto dust you shall return”

Ash Wednesday is more than an empty ritual—it is a reminder of our mortality and frailty by Dr. John-Mark L. Miravalle

John-Mark L. Miravalle holds a doctorate in sacred theology from the pontifical faculty Regina Apostolorum in Rome, and is the author of The Drug, the Soul, and God: A Catholic Moral Perspective on Antidepressants. He is an instructor for the School of Faith and the St. Lawrence Center in Lawrence, Kansas, where he lives with his wife Jessica and their sons Pius and Cassian. This article appears in the March 2011 issue of HPR.

3 Responses to “And unto dust you shall return”

  • “Don’t waste any time mourning – organize.” Joe Hill. Really.

  • The Catholic Church in California seems to be marching to its own drummer, if my experience Wednesday is any example. Instead of any variation of “Remember Oh Man, thou art dust…” As the ashes were placed we were admonished to “Believe in the Gospel.” MOST disappointing!

  • ?”Some resign themselves, but with certain reservations, for they do not fully trust in God, therefore they think that they have some provision to make for themselves. Some again at first offer everything; but afterwards being pressed by temptation they return to their own devices, and thus make no progress in virtue. They will not attain to the true liberty of a pure heart, nor to the grace of My sweet companionship, unless they first entirely resign themselves and daily offer themselves up as a sacrifice; without this the union which bringeth forth fruit standeth not nor will stand.” The Imitation of Christ; Book lll, Chapter XXXVII
    By: Deacon John Kranz

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