Lenten Hiatus

I will be abstaining from Facebook, blogging, and a few other things during Lent this year, so you will not see me again until after Easter.

I hope then to resume annoying you all with my intolerant and reactionary traditionalism, my right-wing Euro-centric historiography, and my shrill assaults on leftism in all of its forms.

May you all persevere this Lent.

5 Responses to Lenten Hiatus

  • Perseverence.

    Are you “saying” you enjoy this stuff?

    I think you are righteously at war with the forces of evil.

    I mistakenly thought Ash Wednesday is 9 March this year 2011 anno domini.

  • Good luck! I’m going to abstain from facebook and I’m still trying to convince myself to undertake several other internet related breaks. It’s so hard! (But I guess that’s supposed to be the point).

  • Shaw,

    Verb: Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.

    So, no.

    And, I’m starting early. I’m saving the really hard things for Ash Wednesday (i.e. smoking).

  • So, you enjoy this stuff.

    I was going to give up buying Lotto tickets and buy Dewars . . . No wait! Put the money in the poor box.

    I quit smoking in 1972. Cold turkey. I smoked (was like I never quit) some at work ten years ago. Then, the wife found out . . . I guess she wants me to live forever . . . so she can torture . . . [Forgive all injuries!]

    Here’s a clue. You will have the urge for, say, 90 seconds. When it hits, time it on a digital watch/stop watch function. And, say a Hail Mary.

    You can do it, one day at a time.

  • Joe,

    I’ll pray for you. I stopped smoking Lent 2009 and also in Advent and Lent last year. I am very good at stopping, the quitting part has not been perfected. My SD told me not to bother. I guess he figured, I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

    There is a handy prayer card you can print from a Catholic psychologist to invoke Our Lady’s help with this addiction. I think it is chastitysf.com. You can do a search for smoking. That is because I assume it is cigarettes your smoking. If it is something else, I hear Charlie Sheen has a program for that and its called CHARLIE SHEEN, and if you order now, the tiger blood is free. ;) sorry, I have the TV and that seems to be the most important news as the world falls apart . . . again.

    Found it: http://www.chastitysf.com/stopsmoking.htm

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