Alternate Oscars


You are right on target Klavan on the Culture!   Film in this country would be far more interesting if the politics in the films were not, predictably, 90% of the time firmly on the Left.  Outright conversative films like American Carol are quite rare:

Of course the deadening ideological conformity of the film industry is only one of its many problems.  Others include:  lack of creativity as illustrated by endless sequels;  actors and actresses who are articulate as stones;  screenwriters who, judging from their output, view plagiarism as the highest form of their art;  and a total dependence on violence, profanity, sex and technical effects, to conceal the fact that films are usually poorly written, poorly acted and poorly directed.  I would give up seeing films for Lent, but I am afraid that in the current state of the industry that would be too small a sacrifice to make.