Why is Incest Considered Worse Than Homosexuality?

Stacy McCain writes about an incest case that is all over the conservative political blogosphere: Palin-Hating Columbia Professor, Huffington Post Blogger, Busted for Incest

This quote from an article at Salon on the matter caught my attention.

Most courts are concerned about parents preying on their children, [University of Akron law professor J. Dean Carro] said. “Regardless of the age of the child, there’s still a theory that a parent is always a parent, a child is always a child and, as a result, there truly can’t be a consensual sexual act.”

One might just as well say that a man is always a man and a woman is always a woman….right?

When two adults have an incestuous relationship, “consent” isn’t the issue. Natural Law is the issue here.

From the Catholic Encyclopedia entry on Natural Law:

[T]he natural law is the rule of conduct which is prescribed to us by the Creator in the constitution of the nature with which He has endowed us.

In other words, God has put into all human beings a nature that is actually the reason for this quote from Stacy McCain in his article:

All together now: Eeeeewww! Yuck!

Yes, all of us together can say “Eeeeewww! Yuck!” because God has instilled in us a natural revulsion to such things. Deep down, we all know that incest is wrong, even if the two engaged in it are consenting adults. So, you see, ‘consent’ isn’t what makes something ‘moral’.

‘Natural Law’ is the basis for the claim that we have “inherent rights”. Any claim of validity for incest (or gay marriage, or other things contradictory to Natural Law) is a claim that Natural Law is invalid, hence it is a claim that the whole idea of “inherent rights” is invalid. (Watch Birth of Freedom for a better understanding of where the idea of “human rights” actually came from.)

Despite the fact that incest and homosexuality naturally cause most of us to say, “Eeeeewww”, there are a few holdouts who insist on engaging in behavior that is morally abhorrent. Some people do immoral things ‘because’ they are immoral. Also, Satan does exist and he does tempt us to do immoral things. He lies and tells us they are ‘okay’ or even that they are ‘good’. It has ever been so.

Though we are all full of holes, God will fill the holes with Himself if we will allow Him to. We are all connected to the past, to the future, to God, and to each other. Natural Law is a part of that connection…but the full truth is far bigger and far more beautiful than anyone (even myself) can imagine. I’ve decided to learn all I can about it and to grow into a better understanding of these Truths on my journey. I hope everyone will at least take a moment to consider “the big picture”…and not merely what makes us say “Eeeeewww”. It’s a lot deeper (and more important) than you might think.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

23 Responses to Why is Incest Considered Worse Than Homosexuality?

  • There is a saying–“remain silent and people might think your an idiot or open your mouth and remove all doubts.”
    One has to wonder about someone who proudly announces their reliance on “Natural Law” and that they are guided by (of all things) the “eww! response.
    Did anyone go eeewww when the Hebrews captured cities and killed every woman and infant?
    I was on a medical team in Afghanistan and got to meet with many natives. If you were wealthy or powerful you had young males to delight you. That has gone on for centuries and not one Eeewwww has been uttered. Ditto for Japan, American indigenous, south sea tribes and countless ancient civilizations, pediphilia and same sex relations with children have gone on–no eeeeewwws.
    Building dams is contrary to the natural development of an ecology but we haven’t called it violative of natural law. Most recently, we are experiencing the environmental disasters occurring because of dams. No eeeeewwws.
    Roman, Greek, Egyptian and more ancient civilizations have taken young children that were “defective” according to the popular values at the time and exposed them to the wilderness where they would succumb. No one said eeeeewwww and it was considered consistent with what these advanced civilizations considered “natural law.”
    Lets face it, “natural law” is simply the majority opinion at some particular time and place.
    Interestingly, there have been civilizations that put to death any one who taught it’s citizens false teachings such as natural law–their point being, there is only one law, the law of God(s)

  • Why is incest wrong? Well besides the issue of genetic defects in your offspring, God says, a man (or woman) shall leave his/her mother and father and become one flesh with his/her mate. If the mother/father are already one flesh, then no one else can be allowed into the flesh. Also incest victims are almost always going to be sexually and psychiatrically distrubed people who will self-destruct unless there is intervention. I have known several incest victims in my lifetime, and contrary to the silly first posting, it was always eew! for these folks.

  • First, thanks for that awesome video from ChurchMilitant. The first time I encountered that particular theology of Mary as New Eve and Ark and Queen Mother was from Dr. Scott Hahn. That video encapsulates it perfectly, succinctly and beautifully.

    Incest and homosexuality have been part of our history from the beginning. I assume literally for incest. If Adam and Eve are the first man and woman, then their children would necessarily engage in what we would call incest. I have heard that the gene pool was not as corrupt back then, which makes sense since sin builds upon sin and we’ve had at least six millennia to build on original sin, at least four of those without the Advent of our Redeemer. God had to wipe us out with the Flood once – looking around the world looks horrible now, what must it have looked like in the days of Noah for God’s Wrath to flood the world?? I don’t really want to know.

    Of course, after we fell into sin, the Enemy enticed us with certain things that always consecrate one, family, tribe, village, city, nation, etc. to evil. All the ancient mystery religions and pagan occultic practices do this.

    Certain primal rhythms, magic potions, human sacrifice, perverted sex (mostly incest and homosexualism). These are used by Satanists today in the so-called black mass. Why? They are the opposite of worship of God. Gregorian chant, wine made into blood, bread made into flesh, filling the recipient with Supernatural Grace, the Sacrifice of Jesus re-presented at Mass as priest and victim. One brings us to Light, to God, the other drops us into Darkness, hell.

    We also use them widely in our culture. Horrible ‘music’ that has sense-deadening vibrations, narcotics and hallucinogenics, abortion and euthanasia, and according to Internet content data some of the most visited pornographic websites are ‘gay porn’ and simulated ‘incest’. Apparently this is also a snare for normal people who would normally react with Ewwww (which despite some relativistic views is a completely natural reaction) will eventually get drawn to such things as the fall farther and farther into debauchery and sin. We want to destroy marriage by making it legal for same-sex and multiple partners to be ‘married’. We not only tolerate abortion and homosexualism, we embrace them and hold them up as virtues. Incest is the last barrier to fall. Once we publicly hold that out as an OK behavior, God will not contain his Wrath- no flood, He promised, but the big thermonuclear reactor in the sky often has long arms – he could set us on fire.

    If we know the Holy Trinity is a family of love, then all of Creation is made to build a family of men and angels in communion with the Blessed Trinity. Of course, we have to choose this and it is a free gift. How best to destroy a family? Introduce actions that are contrary to building a family. Instead of order and communion, create chaos and disintegration.

    We are consecrating our nation to evil and if we do not take the high ground and restore a Christian (preferably with the fullness of Truth) culture, we are going to be wasted.

    Thanks be to God there will always be remnant and Holy Mother Church will endure until the return of the King. America has no such guarantee.

  • Incest isn’t worse that homosexuality; it isn’t any better, either. They are both moral horrors – and the only reason we’re less “ewwww” about homosexuality is that we have four decades now of relentless propaganda in favor of homosexuality. Give us four decades of relentless propaganda in favor of incest and a the de-sensitized people of 2051 will wonder what all the fuss was about.

  • antonio,

    And what do all those people having gay and incest sex have in common? Yes, you got it – none of them were Jews or Christians.

    Always better to think about things a bit…

  • Noonan–God has been around billions…forever. Christianity and Judaism has been around 4000 years. May i mention that tribes making up the Israelites had temple prostitutes both male and female.
    Israelites approved of abortion.
    Civilization that i consider has been around more than a 100 thousand years.
    Yes, I urge thinking is always better.

  • Mark and antonio,

    You both point to the same thing from different perspectives. I think the error is in condemning a religion because of the behavior of those who practice it. Conversely, you exalt a religion and ignore the behavior of those who practice it.

    The fact is that the Natural Law, written on the hearts of all men by God and the Judeo-Christian morality as revealed by God ban incest and Sodomy. Reason also bans both practices, although men can rationalize any bad behavior. Incest and homosexualim both prevent propagation of the human species and both are unhealthy, both psychologically and physiologically. So beyond the Ewww reaction, we have revealed religion and scientific reasoning condemning these horrible behaviors.

    Objectively they are disordered, yet, as a disordered race in need of redemption, we will engage in these activities among many others and this includes those who are religious as well. We are all sinners, the difference is that the Faithful know that we are sinners and the rationalizers deny the existence of sin. Once the concept of sin is destroyed, then we will have no compelling reason to consider sinful activities as things that should be avoided.

    We have embraced homosexualism. Since homsexualism’s predominate predatory violence surfaces through pederasty, we are working fast on embracing pedophilia and hebephilia. If we do not correct and reverse course, incest will lose its shameful status soon. The Devil is a subtle deceiver, and we are fools. The fault does not rely in religion, it lies in the hearts of men, both those who are Christian as well as those who are not.

  • American knight–where in the 10 Commandments does God mention sodomy, or homosexuality, pedophilia etc.–I must have missed it. But Im sure you can cherry pick through the bible and come up with something.

  • If all we needed were the Ten Commandments, God would have stopped there. The Ten Commandments indicate the most basic principles of obedience. As man has grown more into his understanding of God’s will, they have been expounded on greatly. Aside from that, the only person one can lawfully have sexual intercourse with is one’s spouse. It has ever been so.

  • God has condemned homosexual acts since the dawn of time.

  • In addition to what Lisa said, the 6th Commandment would seem to cover all of the actions Antonio brought up, unless you take a fairly narrow view of what adultery is.

  • antonio,

    You’ve been well schooled by the above posts and to add to them, especially Paul’s: in our vernacular, adultery merely means sexual liaisons outside of marriage by a married person. This is a very incomplete definition. The full meaning has to be taken in the context of the entire concept and history of the actions it imperfectly defines. Man’s sexual function is licitly reserved to serve two actions. The first is the unitive action of husband and wife in marriage, or the unitive action by withholding the sexual function when one marries Christ and His Church as in celibate priests, consecrated virgins or religious, etc. The second is the procreative function which only occurs between one man and one woman and if successful they become parents to at least one of God’s children.

    Adultery understood in this context is violation of fidelity to God and the calling He gives us. Any other use of sexual functions is therefore infidelity, unfaithful. All other uses of the human sexual capacity are unfaithful to God and therefore selfish. Selfish sexual function is turned toward the self and since we are each of one sex or the other, then any selfish sexual act is homosexual in nature. These homo-sexual, self-sexual satisfaction acts, include Sodomy, pedophilia and incest, as well as everything else that is not married heterosexual sex open to conception. In other words, adultery.

    For this I do not have to ‘cherry pick’ through the Bible. The Bible is very explicit about this. As Tito said, since the dawn of time. In fact, it is in the very first book, Genesis and Paul mentioned the 6th Commandment. Lisa stated that God would have stopped with the Decalogue, if that is all we needed. Of course, He did not stop there. He gave us intellect and the power of reason. Rational thought leads us to understand that all sexual actions outside of marriage between one man and one woman open to conception are disordered, unproductive, dangerous and cause disintegration.

    Although you have the power to disagree with this, do not confuse that power to be able to do something with the right to do it.

  • Antonio,

    I don’t believe that the Jews ever had temple prostitutes. I think you’re confusing your ancient religions…

  • AK,

    True. My point was that we live and learn, as it were – just because the benighted, pre-Christian people did something doesn’t mean it was a good thing, nor that it was in accordance with natural law. After all, if we were doing it right, we wouldn’t have needed a Redeemer.

  • My, what a God you must believe in. One that can’t make himself clear or complete.
    Adultery is an unloving act, unloving to your spouse and to your children.
    Sex of any sort, if exploitative, violent etc, is an unloving act.
    Sex without marriage if loving is within God’s will. Sex within marriage if exploitative, manipulative or forced is not. Otherwise, what happens to all those sexual acts for hundreds of thousands of years that preceded Christianity and these wonderful foot notes to God’s will that some people seem confident to add.
    I believe in a God that rarely speaks to us. But when He does, I suggest we literally follow what He wrote on those tablets and skip the footnotes.
    The Ten are the rules. In my opinion, keeping the Ten will keep most of us busy enough.

  • Mark,



    I am not sure what you’re getting at with that last post. I do agree that keeping the Ten Commandments will keep all of us busy enough, but not if we do not understand them in the fullness of Truth. Jesus said He did not come to change the Law, but to fulfill it. When referring to the 6th commandment, he stated that lust in the heart IS adultery and said it would be better to pluck out an eye or cut off a member!!!! I am pretty sure He was not being that extreme just to prevent men from extramarital affairs. He referred back to Genesis as the proper use of the sexual capacities, making it clear that all other uses are immoral.

  • There are theories of natural rights that don’t rely on God. While, as Catholics, we may see the truth (God -> law -> rights), it’s possible for a non-Catholic to believe in absolute rights without an absolute law. In fact, our national founding document posits unalienable rights without reference to permanent law. One of the difficulties in arguing about natural law is that it’s perceived intuitively, not through sequential logic (I think).

  • antonio only wants to follow some peculiar version of the Ten Commandments–kinda, sorta. He’s also apparently not all that bothered by pedophilia, apparently because the wealthy Pashtuns he ran into in Afghanistan routinely violate boys and it isn’t condemned in his interpretation of the Ten Commandments.

    But don’t *you* cherrypick, you followers of a small, unenlighted and unevolved god.

    Frankly, Tito you should have had this fellow on moderation for his creepy comments in this post. His dislike of ice people is small potatoes compared to his advocacy here.

  • I think the far-left in the Church are only upset by pedophilia when it can be used as a club against the Church. Otherwise, its about love. Especially given that most of what went on in the Church was the abuse of pubescent teens and not children.

  • Phillip,

    You are correct about the scandals, those priests were afflicted with hebephilia, but I suspect it was a more diabolical plot by the Enemy, which is why it is properly pederasty. Satan knows that in our homo-loving culture, pederasty isn’t considered a vice, it has been raised to virtue.

  • AK,

    Hebephilia is the psychoological term for it. However, the pscyological perspective was part of the problem to begin with. People assumed pedophiliacs could be treated when in fact most (all?) are refractory to treatment.

    I don’t believe the term hebephilia is ultimately helpful as a result because I don’t believe ultimately, for most of the abuse, there is an underlying psychological disorder. I don’t think a forty year old man getting it on with a 16 year old girl is a hebephiliac. I think he is a man who has given into his heterosexual drives. Men who go for 16 year old boys are acting on their homosexual drives.

  • Phillip,

    I agree. It’s just sick and we fallen humans are a sick lot. In your example it may be understandable that a forty year old man is attracted to 16 year old girls simply because his development is stunted. I know I was attracted to 16 year old girls when I was 16! It is not normal to be attracted to them now as an adult; however, if we do not acknowledge our sinfulness it would be easy to revert back to a comfortable attraction. Perhaps that is why so few young men grow up these days – they are trapped in perpetual adolescence. Nevertheless, although a man may be attracted to young girls as he once was, which is normal, seldom are men attracted in the same manner to their 16 year old daughters. Sure, physiologically it would make sense, but then again, we aren’t supposed to be animals. 16 year old girls are the daughters of our celibate priests and they should not be attracted to them either. This is a minute aspect of the minuscule amount of scandals. It does, however, touch on the point of the original post – when a parent or a priest violates this relationship, it is incest and violates the reflection of the loving family of the Trinity. Hence the Eeeww.

    I think we have to acknowledge that any sexual act outside of matrimony renders us no more than animals. When we only satisfy physiological impulses we violate the proper order of the sexual function. To some degree, at some point, most of us probably do. The issue of incest being less tolerated than homosexualism is merely a social norm – in essence they aren’t different, for that matter neither is self-abuse. All are violent, selfish and destructive. All involve victims, it is especially disgusting when the victims are not adults. Yet, you notice that the attack against our priests is always leveled as pedophilia, which is rarely the case. I suppose we still have some residual respect for the innocence of children. Rarely is the issue of pederasty brought up.

    We have to engage the culture especially on these uncomfortable issues so we can return the shame and sense of sin to all disordered sex acts, else those that still carry that stigma will become tolerated, then accepted and finally embraced too.

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