Al Qaeda Calls for Violence Against Christians in Egypt; Obama Silent

In a January 31 press briefing, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs offered the first acknowledgement from the Obama Administration that the White House wants the Muslim Brotherhood, which spawned both Hamas and Al Qaeda, to have a place at the table as Egypt seeks to form a new government. Meanwhile, there has been continued silence on whether or not the Christians in Egypt should have any voice. Never before has this silence been so deafening as now.

As the Egyptian military launches RPGs against Christian monasteries, there remains no word from President Obama on the basic human rights of Christians. So, too, there remains no reporting in the Western “mainstream media” about these attacks even as Christians have marched to Tahrir Square to request religious freedom. Further, this morning comes news that Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri has called for violence against Christians in Egypt. Why does the Obama Administration acknowledge the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt but ignore the voices of Christians, in the midst of this brutal assault? Is it due to incompentence? Or is the Obama Administration more sympathetic to Islamists than to Christians? It’s a question that deserves to be answered clearly.

Nina Shea reports this morning about a letter from an Egyptian friend stating that Al-Qaeda leaderAyman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri has decided to take a strong leadership role, if you will, regarding Christians in Egyptian society.

Al-Qa’ida’s number two leader . . . Egyptian born Ayman al-Zawahiri has issued (actually yet to be released!!!!) a three-part message commenting on events in Egypt. In his second part of the message series, Zawahiri spends considerable time inciting violence against Coptic Christians and the Coptic Church. Zawahiri stated that Copts were one of the main problems leading to the situation facing Egypt today.

The Washington Post reports that the Egyptian military cabinet, which many who are concerned about radical Islam had hoped would maintain power when Mubarak stepped down, has “reshuffled” its membership. While two of these new members are Coptic Christians, the situation remains fluid as “tens of thousands” of protesters in Tahrir Square are demanding continued “reform” of the  military cabinet. Clearly, it is no longer reasonable to give any kind of blanket approval to Egypt’s military cabinet as it is unknown what loyalties will be in the hearts of those who ultimately populate it. Meanwhile, as noted, troops on the ground are wreaking havoc on the Christian community in Egypt. The future of Christians in Egypt appears painfully hopeless in the face of these changes.

It is important to consider that al-Zawahiri is an Egyptian who was trained from his youth in the Muslim Brotherhood. He is the grandson of Rabi’a al-Zawahri, the former grand imam at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University which has been described as the “world’s leading center of Sunni Islamic thought“. Just prior to the Egyptian uprising, the top scholars at Al-Azhar University broke off dialogue with the Vatican in protest of Pope Benedict XVI’s protest of the massacre at Our Lady of Deliverance Church in Alexandria.

In specifically supporting a Muslim Brotherhood presence in Egypt’s government, President Obama has effectively aligned himself with Ayman al-Zawahiri and Al-Qaeda against the Christians of Egypt who are today under continued attack even in the Coptic monasteries. Considering, too, the presence of Muslim Brotherhood front groups right here in America, whose representatives can be found rubbing elbows with the President, making a joint statement for “tolerance” with some of our American Catholic bishops, and continually defended by the President’s leftist political base, how can we not be alarmed?

On January 7, 2010, President Obama said, “We are at war; we are at war with al Qaeda.” Americans certainly understand that we are at war with al Qaeda, but with his offering of support for the Muslim Brotherhood, an ally of Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri who calls for the murder of Christians, we must ask, does President Obama prefer Al Qaeda to the Christians of Egypt?

We deserve a clear answer to that question.

12 Responses to Al Qaeda Calls for Violence Against Christians in Egypt; Obama Silent

  • I have all the sympathy in the world for both the Catholic and Orthodox Copts facing persecution from the Al-Qaeda demanded violence. However, I have no respect for the Egyptian Catholic bishops, they’re gutless wonders. While the Orthodox bishops are demanding the repeal of the anti-christian Article 2 of the Egyptian constitution, the Catholic bishops are saying, ” Oh no, don’t demand that! It will make the Muzzies really mad! Huh, you mean they ain’t mad already!? Duh-oh!

  • The Copts have been subject to casual murder and less casual massacre by their Muslim brethren since the conquest of Egypt over thirteen centuries ago. Some periods have been better than others for the Copts, but their existence under the crescent has always been precarious. In times of turbulence in Egypt the Copts are specially in danger, and I think Egypt will be very turbulent for the foreseeable future. The best gift any Western Christian can give to a Copt is a one way airline ticket to the West.

  • Don, if we’re going to get the Copts out of Egypt, what Catholic Charity should we send money to help them.

  • Stephen is correct about the Egyptian bishops. I recommend that if you are not familiar with the term “dhimmitude” you Google it. Currently, the one bishop who is on top of the situation and understands it completely is the Pope himself, but we all know that when he speaks out, people die.

    I know that Aid to the Church in Need is doing good work in Iraq but I have not checked yet to see what, if anything, they are doing for the Copts in Egypt. As Donald notes, plane tickets out might be the best thing for them, but they do have a strong community that makes up about 20% of the population, so it’s tough for them to not want to stand and ask for what they believe they deserve: Freedom. The Catholic population is less than 1% as I understand it.

  • I think calling for the expatriation of the Copts, is a bad idea. The Moslem hoard thrives on domination and it is the responsibility of all Christians to sanctify the world, right where they are. I know this is easy to say from my comfortable (at least for now) Western home and in some ways I may have some displaced guilt for being expatriated from my home in Lebanon, but it is true.

    We need to support ALL of our brethren in the Muslim-occupied Middle-East, else the Moslem hoard will be encouraged to spread. We should support the Christians right where they are, especially in Palestine/Israel, Lebanon and Egypt. If we do not, then the Churches erected in the places that Jesus walked will become hollow museums and not places where the Holy Sacrifice is re-presented. Egypt was the land in which our Lord took refuge when Herod tried to retro-actively abort Him.

    Al-Qua’ida is more aware of its enemy than the Western world is. The Base is the launching platform against Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular. The gates of hell cannot prevail. Gates are a defensive structure, which means Jesus expected us to be on the offensive. Instead of an airlift of Copts out of Eh Gypt (Eh Copt, the Land of the Copts), we should be thwarting jihadists and helping a parliamentary monarchy rise, with religious freedom for all, except the jihadists.

  • I asked a Coptic Christian in Egypt what we can do besides pressure our government and pray. He replied: “We just want your government support for Copts and your prayers.”

  • Our prayers for the Copts will be continued but government support from this administration is very doubtful. Just remember: “should the (political) winds shift I will stand with the Muslims”…Obama.

    Only when we allow ourselves to view the events of today through the prism of spiritual light and the Gospels and not political fog and rhetoric can the truth be seen. The people of God most obviously present in the Judeo-Christian communities of the world are under attack and being targeted for annihilation either through outright rebellious religious slaughter or by the hoards of anti-Jew and anti-Christian political forces attempting to pervert their precepts, reduce their rights, or dissolve their doctrines within multi-culturalism and social justice

  • Meaning no disrespect, I put the Obama quote into Google and came to several sites which suggest that the quote is altered, that the then Candidate Obama did not say or mean what the quote says.

  • Obama is on course to being the most incompetent man ever to have occupied the White House. 10 years ago GWB sent Gen Powell to Pakistan to demand Pakistani compliance with American demands, today this supposed ally is defiantly holding a diplomat on a capital charge. If Obama can’t twist arms over Davis, then the US is in trouble and nobody in India is going to accept any assuarance from the US that they have contingency plans to take care that Pakistani nukes do not fall into the hands of Islamic radicals. The Copts and other Christians should pray to God and not rest any hope on this inept man.

  • Is that why he only bends half way to the floor when greeted by a Muslim king?

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