Is America Satanophobic?

Monday, February 14, AD 2011

Oh, I don’t know Mr. Klavan.  While vehemently opposed to Satan and all his works, not to mention his empty promises, I don’t know if I fear Satanists.  Now if Satanists in various parts of the globe began to engage in suicide bombings,  used mentally handicapped individuals and kids in their suicide bombings, started stoning women,  undertook strenuous efforts to obtain nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, took over countries and proclaimed them Satanist States, beheaded captives and made snuff videos celebrating the murders, murdered 3000 of my countrymen and regularly called down the wrath of Satan on my nation and anyone who is non-Satanist, I guess a small particle of fear might creep in, along with a large amount of rage, at least in regard to those particular Satanists.  Fortunately the Satanists are merely a small band of kooks, and my main emotion to them is pity.  Thank God we are not faced with the type of moral quandries presented if a significant fraction of a global Satanist religion decided to launch a unholy war against unbelievers.  We can all relax now!

3 Responses to Is America Satanophobic?

  • First and foremost, God Bless America!!!

    At this moment, there are tens of millions of satanists who just want to righteously impose (funded with oil $$$, Soros’ lucre, etc.) their sordid way of life on YOU . . .

    Millions other satanists are actively plotting to murder YOU. At least, YOU may think about how YOU can protect YOURSELF and avoid the disgrace of a piece of human detritis slaughtering YOU like a lamb.

    Instapundit has a report that US port security agents have captured dirty bomb materials. Wonder why we haven’t been informed?

  • I dunno Don. You say they’re a small band of kooks, but back in the 60s many big name rock stars and actors were partying with well-known Satanists and occultists – they have had a massive influence on our culture, including much of the “New Age” movement.

    You can’t dismiss this stuff with a wink and a shrug. Satanic ideas are so entrenched in popular entertainment that we take them for granted now. All of the cutesy little rock bands of the 60s that look so innocent compared to Lady Gaga or these gangster rappers, such as the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, even the Beatles, were in fact spreading a Satanic message far and wide – total rejection of authority, of order, of any semblance of traditional morality, hatred of God, religion and Christianity, and so on and so forth. What we see today is just a more direct version of it, and it only exists because those earlier acts wore down people’s defenses with their superficial charm.

  • Oh, I think Don’s having a not too subtle dig at our islamist friends.