Hannibal and 16 Tons

Something for the weekend.  A song about Hannibal to the tune of 16 Tons.   Hattip to Hank at Eclectic Meanderings.  I have read quite a bit about the Punic Wars, but I have never seen information on them conveyed more fetchingly than when sung by “Anna Domino”, as she does her dance of the elephant veil and sings her song.  What a hoot!  This is one of a series of videos put together by history for music lovers, and long may they prosper!

For a good computer game on the Second Punic war, go here.  A demo is available.  I have found it to have the most challenging AI I have encountered, and a nice period art style.  Below is a screen shot from the game:


Here is the original 16 Tons sung by the incomparable Tennessee Ernie Ford:

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  • Thanks,

    What a hoot!

    If I remember, Hannibal’s generalship and Carthaginian disciplined valor tore up large Roman legionary armies in at two major fights in Italy.

    Ancient sources state that Cato the elder ended all his Senate speeches with “Cartago delenda est” – Carthage must be destroyed.

    “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” Plato (I think).

    In 2011, same truth: “another day older and deeper in debt”; only now, you owe your soul to the government.

  • Donald

    Thanks for the link!

  • Thank you Hank for introducing me to the wonderful videos of History for Music Lovers!