Global Warming Hysteria Explained


Hattip to the ever erudite Alpheus at Athens and Jerusalem.  When an ostensible debate over science takes on all the attributes of an especially sleazy political fight or a theological debate a la Mad magazine,  that is generally an excellent sign that, whatever else is going on, it ain’t science.

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  • Classic !! 😆

  • But, is that “civility”?

    Hello, Don!!

    We/NYC have rain, ice and snow this AM. About time to walk to the LIRR Sta. and try not to crash land on that superannuated keyster.

    How are things in Paradise?

  • Hi T. Shaw.
    The last 2 days have seen 2 tropical cyclones – one that devastated Queensland last week, and one that delivered a lot of rain to New South Wales combine in the Tasman and give us a bit of a serve, but they have been much reduced in strength. So misty rain yesterday, dveloping into strong winds and rain yesterday evening and through the night, but the clouds have gone early this morning and we have another great day – a bit muggy though 24 deg.C forecaste.
    Off to Mass at Mt. Maunganui 🙂
    ( ANTHROPOGENIC Global Warming – Pah ! )

  • “May the Divine Assistance remain with us, always.”

  • I don’t know, man…I was a GW skeptic before GW skepticism was cool, but how is debating a cartoon character that much more intellectually rigorous than what GW believers do? I’m starting to get a bad feeling about “fisking” in general. Sorry to be a downer.

  • I on the other hand love fisking Pinky. However, this was not a fisk. Rather it was an attempt to demonstrate the comedic elements in the global warming debate, and I think the creator of the video succeeded in doing so. I think it also illustrates how much of the debate really has very little to do with science, and quite a bit to do with politics.

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