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Michelle Malkin has done the work I wish I could do more efficiently, and provided a post that highlights dozens of examples of violent hate speech and images put out by the left.

All I will say here is that it is ironic that Sarah Palin is being blamed for a “violent” political mood when few public figures (or their families) have had more hatred, contempt, and violent/sexist insults slung at them.

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  • For our convenience, she broke it down into 8 parts:

    The progressive climate of hate: A comprehensive illustrated primer in 8 parts:
    V. LEFT-WING MOB HATE — campus, anti-war radicals, ACORN, eco-extremists, & unions
    VIII. HATE: CRIMES — the ever-growing Unhinged Mugshot Collection

  • Here is but another example of overheated “violent hate speech”: “Weekend Investor: Shooting at Market Forecasts B7″ from the January 8, 2011 Wall Street Journal, page B1.

    The blood of the next stock analyst mugged on the Number 2 IRT subway will be on the grubby hands of Rupert Murdoch!!!!!

    Plus, N.B. the recent movie depicting President Bush being assassinated and the novel promoting murdering the same President Bush. That, just your taxes paying for a photograph of a crucifix in a jar of urine, was art.

  • It continues to be especially ironic given the fact that the perpetrator in this incident appears to be an atheistic, anti-religion, anti-flag, illegal-drug user.

    Moreover, anyone who has known him over the years who has conjectured on the matter has said he is lefty-ish.

    And this is the sort of person we’re to believe hangs on Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh’s every word?

    Allow me to quote Charles Ryder: It’s “Complete Bosh.”

    Another supreme point of irony is that the left-wing reaction to this incident has successfully stirred up more bitterness than there was previously. I say this personally. I was not someone who felt and thought in a bitter partisan manner before the left reaction to the Tuscon tragedy. My distaste for the opportunism, hypocrisy, and irrationality of the left in this matter, however, has moved me notably in this direction.

  • ” I was not someone who felt and thought in a bitter partisan manner before the left reaction to the Tuscon tragedy.”

    I wish it weren’t this way. But I knew the second I heard about it that this would be the reaction. It’s how they operate, it’s how they think.

  • I share Francis’ reaction. I don’t think I’ve ever been so disgusted by the left as when I read Paul Krugman’s op-ed Monday morning. After some reflection, I do kind of understand the irrationality. One of their own was almost killed. They’re angry and will blame whoever they can. I expect no less from the right had it been a Republican congressperson. It’s the inevitable result of taking politics too personally. It’s good to see that the center-left hasn’t joined the hysteria. Jon Stewart, in a rare moment of seriousness, had a great analysis on his show. Ezra Klein backtracked from his initial lefty reaction and is now firmly in the reasonable camp.

  • Actually, I misquoted Charles Ryder. Ryder’s phrase was “great bosh,” not complete bosh. He aptly used it to describe modern art.

  • Ironic that liberals think they are the smart ones – the guy uses the wrong wording on his sign – should be “their”, not “there.”

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