Night of the Living Government!

In keeping with the mini-Zombie theme I have started here at TAC, we have the above Klavan on the Culture episode from 2009.  Hmmm, Zombies as metaphor for out of control government spending.  Actually I do not think it is apt.  After all, a horde of ravenous Zombies might eat a few brains, but they would quickly be dispatched to the nether regions since, if Hollywood can be trusted, Zombies are notoriously poor combatants, moving slowly, clumsily, and giving away their positions with incessant growling.  When confronting zombies, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself!  (Plus running out of ammo.) 

 However, as the last few years have amply demonstrated, out of control government spending can put us behind an economic eight-ball for a very long time indeed.  Nancy Pelosi, Zombie, Nancy Pelosi,  Zombie?  On the whole, I’d take the Zombie any day!

3 Responses to Night of the Living Government!

  • The.Perfect.Metaphor.

    That pretty much explains it all in four minutes, ten seconds: outstanding!

    No! Wait! That is racist, socially unjust(?), and treasonous!!!


  • I’d rather have my brains eaten by a real zombie, than have my income devoured by a government zombie

  • Yep – zombies….the undead who do not work or produce anything but have to live off the flesh of the living. Yep – that pretty much sums up the Democrats and the liberals!