Meet the New Boss, Same As the Old Boss

From the Internet’s only reliable news source.  President Obama exits a press conference early, leaving former President Clinton in charge in order to promote a tax deal that is unpopular with most of his base.

Wait, this isn’t an Onion video?  You mean President Obama really did this?

Well, I guess it’s official.  The administration has descended into self-parody.

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  1. I never liked Bill Clinton, but somehow find it refreshing to see him up there instead Obama. Shoot me. I don’t know if I should respect Obama for seeking help where his ability is insufficient or if I should cringe at the thought of the POTUS needs assistance from a previous president to talk to a core policy issue. This is really scary when you think about it.

  2. Every word is a lie.

    Clinton said, “As a child of the Depression . . .” LIE: he was born in 1946 (the year FDR’s generational depression finally ended) and grew up in the 1950’s, when the US per capital GDP was highest in the world and the American was the most prosperous citizen on the planet.

    The US is now in 8th place in per capita GDP, and will not be in the top 20 once Obama finishes deconstructing the private sector.

    There must be 20,000,000 persons more qualified than either fake, phony and fraud.

  3. “This is really scary when you think about it”

    If Obama turns over a future press conference to Jimmy Carter — and I wouldn’t put it past him to do so — then we’ll REALLY be in trouble.

  4. I really think Obama is tired of the whole Presidency gig. Too much work and too much dealing with people who are not bowled over by his awesomeness. He is ready to move on to the final stage in his career: world-celebrity-for-life.

  5. If nothing else, BC, like JFK, exuded charm. Even though they lied like every other President, they did so gracefully and with a touch of self-deprecation. By contrast, TelePrompted-Obama comes across wooden, didactic and austere. No warmth whatsoever. I’d like to see him loosen up once in awhile, play with the pooch, like Putin, and add a touch of humor to his pressers.

  6. “I really think Obama is tired of the whole Presidency gig”

    Does that mean you have just issued your first prediction for 2011 (or maybe 2012?)

  7. To Donald’s point, I read a comment last night on either Hot Air or Ace of Spades to the effect that Obama was interested in being president, not so much doing president.

  8. “Does that mean you have just issued your first prediction for 2011 (or maybe 2012?)”

    I’m not sure Elaine and I doubt if Obama is at this point. I don’t think it would take much for him to decide that four years was enough. I have never seen a President before who gives signal after signal that he really isn’t interested in doing the job.

  9. I really think Obama is tired of the whole Presidency gig.

    I voted against Clinton twice and yet, if Obama wishes to step down and work on his basketball game full-time, I’d much rather that that old silver-tongued (and now silver-haired) devil Billy Jeff take over the job rather than having a *gulp* President Biden.

    But really, the whole presser was surrealistic. Good Lord, the libs made Bush’s choking on a pretzel proof of stupidity and bad moral character.Imagine if Dubya had led his dad in to talk about Iraq at a press conference because Dubya had to go to a Christmas Party (because otherwise Laura would have been mad. Sheesh, Don posted that extremely funny video about men put in the doghouse by aggrieved wives. We already know that the doghouse is Clinton’s permanent address, although he frequently escapes. How often do you think Michelle has tossed Barack in the D.H. for a spell?)

  10. Maybe Joe, or maybe Obama will get up one morning and decide the nation isn’t worthy of his continued efforts. Obama is a very proud man and the Presidency has given him an experience new to him: failure.

  11. One other possibility is that Obama did not think he’d actually win in 2008. Perhaps he, like most of the rest of the population, thought Hillary had it in the bag, and thought of the 2008 campaign as a way to put his name in the spotlight and end up as something of a Congressional leader until 2016.

  12. Obama is a very proud man and the Presidency has given him an experience new to him: failure.

    He does not strike me as proud.

    Demonstrated accomplishment would be a novelty for him too, though. (Or, accomplishment at something other than winning elections). A contemporary of his at Harvard Law School said he thought that B.O. was always more interested in being the president of the law review than in doing anything while occupying the position. With everything he has done with his life since 1988, the same phenomenon appears to manifest itself. It’s odd.

  13. Anyone his age Art who has written two autobiographies, before he accomplished much to speak of, is by definition proud. Everything Obama has wanted he has gotten in life, although perhaps he simply does not want to succeed as President, as odd as that may seem.

  14. I think there is a distinction between being ‘proud’ and being vain or self-aggrandizing.

    I think you have to be skeptical of those (one thinks of Steven Sailer) who fancy they can have an intricate grasp of someone unknown to them in the most salient respects. Personally, I do not have any insight into what he did or did not want in life at any given point therein. He seems far more a set of guises and poses than most men his age.

  15. Vain works for me Art as a description of Obama. In any case he has never been called upon in any of his prior positions to perform substantively, but has rather succeeded through glibness and a strong desire of many of his supporters to view him as some sort of political second coming. To go from secular Messiah to a failed President must be disconcerting to even the most narcissistic of personalities.

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