Christopher Blosser

Band of Bearded Brothers with Joe.


  1. I very much enjoyed this short talk. Allow me to share my own experience: In my late 20’s, I had a crisis. For a number of reasons, mostly experiences of rejection, I began to feel that there was no place for me in the Church, that if my own gifts were to be rejected, just because I was a woman, surely the Lord had not made a mistake by giving me those gifts, therefore maybe the Catholic church was not for me. Luckily, at the time those thoughts began to bother me, I had already booked a trip in order to attend a 6-day retreat in France, and I did not want to change my vacation plans. Of course, during the retreat, I was helped to realize that there was a difference between the Church which is the body of Christ, and the human beings that Jesus has entrusted to oversee the Church. And I stayed…

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