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Monday, November 29, AD 2010

The Pulpit.

This is my newest creation and contribution to the Catholic blogosphere, a news aggregate site that combs the Internet for the best Catholic punditry around the world.

I hope the faithful readers of The American Catholic surf over there and take a gander of what we, The Pulpit, have to offer.  We differentiate ourselves from other news aggregaters in which we display articles written from such authors as Father Zuhlsdorf to Mark Shea and from George Weigel to Ross Douthat and everything else in-between.  Hopefully providing for you the most insightful and well written articles that affect us as Catholics.

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Again, here is the website:


5 Responses to The Pulpit, The Catholic Blogosphere’s Newest Catholic Newsite

  • Ah, I was wondering what that trackback was from. I like it – I’ve already found it useful linking to sites that I don’t always check.

  • I am shocked you haven’t linked to the brilliance happening at the Debate Club at Aushwitz. But I guess another post that gives cover to pro-abort positions is not news.

  • James

    How does discussing Peter Lombard’s Sentences give cover to abortion? Either you did not properly read the post (which stated abortion can not be approved) or you are being dishonest. The Church continues to state it does not know when ensoulment occurs; recognizing this is important, because it shows that arguments against abortion do not rely upon ensoulment. This is helpful for engaging secular people who do not believe in the soul: if you can find out how and why the Church argued against abortion in the time of Augustine, Lombard, Aquinas, Ficino, and many others, you will have a way to engage people on a grounds which allows much fruit. That, indeed, is what I said at the end of the post. Engaging the world where it is at is important. If you have been poisoned, first try to find an antidote to the poison; if you do, then you have the time to figure out where it came from.

  • Admittedly I only skimmed Henry’s post but I saw nothing wrong with it, nor anything particularly revelatory. It appeared to be nothing more than restating what Pope John Paul said in Evangelium Vitae (I think it was Evangelium Vitae, but could have been something else).