Would You Like Some Politics With Your Turkey?


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, fresh off a disastrous election campaign, believes that Americans might be discussing politics with their Turkey today.  (I can’t think of a subject less likely to come up today at the McClarey Thanksgiving Dinner except for raising armadilloes for fun and profit.) 

Just in case your Republican friends or relatives at Thanksgiving try to repeat anything they’ve heard from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or by reading Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, we wanted to help you respond with the truth.

In the event that it does, the DCCC has a cheatsheat which you may peruse here.

I love politics and I love to debate politics, and I think this is utterly bizarre.  We have a wonderful holiday here today and all the political mavens at the DCCC can think of is yet another day to fight political battles?  This is crazy and does their side absolutely no good.  Far better to focus on the holiday itself as President Obama does in the annual ritual Turkey pardon in the video above, the type of silly ceremony I cherish on national holidays.

I wish all our readers a happy and resolutely non-political Thanksgiving!  Reserve the politcal cudgels for other days.  Today is for thanking the Almighty, stuffing ourselves and assuming the comatose position in front of the TV, sacred Thanksgiving traditions that I am striving mightly to pass on to my offspring!