Of Black Magic and Bearded Marxists

I assume that only deaf and blind individuals in this country are unaware that GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell said on the execrable Bill Maher’s show Politically Incorrect in 1999 that as a young woman she dabbled in witchcraft.  What brought this up is that O’Donnell on the show was criticizing self-proclaimed witches and made this comment to demonstrate that she had personal experience of what she was attacking.  Her appearances on Maher’ s show were to serve as the token Christian conservative who Maher could attack.   As this essay on chastity which she wrote in 1998 indicates, O’Donnell was doing far more than making guest appearances at this time on Maher’s show, and I interpret her agreement to be on Maher’s show as an attempt to get her message across in an unfriendly venue.  She is making light of the whole stupid issue which I think is the right tack to take.

Less well known is that her opponent Chris Coons wrote an article when he was 21 for the Amherst student newspaper entitled The Making of a Bearded Marxist in which he described how his college experiences transformed him from a conservative into a leftist.  (Son of a gun, I guess there are people foolish enough to fall for the low level political indoctrination that many campuses engage in in lieu of an education.)  What do I make of this statement of Coons?  Other than that 21 year olds are apt to make fairly foolish statements, certainly I did, nothing.

Neither of these stories have anything to do with the Senate race.  However O’Donnell’s teenage fling with witchcraft will be trumpeted by what is laughingly referred to as the mainstream media, while the self-description of Coons as a bearded Marxist will be ignored by the same media.  If the media wishes to focus on issues which might be relevant, they might start at this blog, where they can learn how Coons as County Executive of New Castle, betrayed a pledge not to raise taxes, and massively increased government spending.  Taxes and spending  are the hot issues this year, and not stupid things done and said by the candidates in their salad days.

For those of you interested in seeing a Christine O’Donnell video clip that isn’t more than a decade hold, here is a speech which she delivered at the Values Summit after her primary win.

I still think Christine O’Donnell is a flawed candidate, but I must say the hysterical piling on against her by GOP insiders, the mainstream media and the Democrats is making me more supportive of her candidacy with each passing day.

Update:  Another Chris Coons story for the mainstream media to ignore.  According to Patterico at Patterico’s Pontifications, Alan Muller, an evironmental activist, and Leftist, contends that Chris Coons has used his office  to persecute Muller, because of Muller’s criticisms of Coons.  Read all about it here.